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“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” ― Plato

This sept had been a long one for Veauric. He had come face to face with a Revenant, he had seen one of the three Great Dragons in person, and he had. .learned things a boy his age had to learn. Yet these things paled in comparison to a recent drive he began to read for. Sol, The God of the Sun had recently become a light in the young Squire's life that he strived to understand and bask in after the plethora of that Alda had given him about the god.

But that wasn't enough.

Now within the library of Tyr'Wyrstel's keep, Veauric would slowly pull a heavy tome from a nearby shelf and go to seat himself besides a window, facing the setting sun. He took his time opening the simple book over the Pantheon and moved towards Sol's section. He'd take his time reading and taking in the basic information as he hoped to stumble across something new to learn, as Alda covered plenty of bases. But the rays of the setting sun moved across his face and he couldn't help but look to the beautiful colors of the sunset. .and with the rays came a moment of contemplation for the young boy.

Alavara Vors, Lord Marshall Rhett de Leon's Sister in Arms that had given her life in the fight against the Mistress of Chaos. Her body and soul shattered and lost to the winds due to the mistakes of others. So many people had lost someone in that war, and that fact wrapped around his heart and squeezed like a vice. The ache as getting better as he thought about his father- as he too gave his life for the good of the Realm, the little he could do as but a mortal man.

Tears began to well in his eyes as he moved the tome to the side and brought out his journal, swiftly moving to a blank page to begin to draw simple designs as there was daylight left. As he did so, his lips would part as he spoke towards the Sun.
"I. .do not know if you can hear me, Your Radiance, but. . m-my name if Veauric Sel." The boy would speak as his ink moved across the pages , seeming to draw a basic outline of a tomb-stone. .sketching arches flowing out from the base. "I wish to. .confess my unease to Your Light before it leaves the sky. I am . .scared. ." Veauric's voice wobbled with emotion as he had this moment alone with his thoughts.

"There are so many things that the Rhett household has revealed to me about the world, and this is. .so much more then a simple peasant boy has had to realize." As he continued to speak, the arches that moved from the tombstone seemed to have gained more character, taking up the shape of wings. After such was done the hand moved to begin sketching in the central mass of the tablet. "Things. . hide in that Dark that I cannot even fathom and I don't know how I can grow up to be strong enough to fight them . ." His right hand moved to set the quill down and massage the scarring beneath his shirt at his left shoulder. "The apparent Three messengers of Life and Death, Three Kings apparent- harmed me and. .m-made me very afraid. I don't want to cower from the Dark like a babe. ."

His eyes turned from his sketch and would watch the sun for what few moments it would remain as tears welled up in his eyes. His voice would raise and crack faintly from his normal introverted tone. "I want to see. . and -feel- the passion and courage that Lord Tiberius said Lady Vors was filled with beneath Your Light. I don't want to be afraid anymore- I want to feel Your Warmth and make. .my People proud. My Friends, my Superiors, My. .Father. "

With a. .slow breath, his eyes and tone would lower as he moved to finish the sketch. A sun rested in the middle of the tablet, with one orb in the center and five arms swirling around- one orb at each end. "Lady Vors is not here to ask to learn from. .s-so as I grow up, I hope I can learn more from You."

The Squire would release another slow breath as the sun fully set and a sniffle would escape his nose as he moved to write a short phrase beneath his sketch. He was not good with prayer, but he hoped his actions may catch His Radiance's eye. . and show that another wanted to walk the path of Light.

Beneath the sketch read:

"They will Remember you."

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The area around Veauric is silent as he speaks. All is calm in the area; the bookshelves are undisturbed, the wind gently brushes the windows, and the sun slowly sets over the horizon, providing a sense of calm and peace as Mother Moon's turn begins for Aethius.

However, the squire, upon speaking, realizes that perhaps he is heard--that there is a presence nearby. It is not one of a watchful parent, nor one of uneasy nature, but that of warmth and principle virtue. As Veauric gazes into the Sun, the thing seems brighter for just the slightest moment before returning to its original form.

Upon his finished speech and sketch, a gentle flash of light runs before him. A quick wave of warmth runs through the library and quickly settles. Before him lay a longsword made of steel; if he or others knew it, it is a direct copy of Vara's holy relic, Sunflare. It is beautifully crafted, and when used, offers a comforting warmth, like a mother enveloping her son. Gold finishes the cross-guard and pommel. If inspected, the blade reads, "
The light pervades."

Little more is offered, though as the final ray sets on the horizon, it seems to stretch for a moment. Veauric is left to his devices, along with a newfound longsword for a boy on a path for Father Light.

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