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An announcement would spread throughout the Kingdom of Florentia, and perhaps rumor or whisper would spread into other regions as this announcement was in regards to various large law changes and the areas they affected.


Let it hereby be known those deemed second class citizens in previous law are now given equal footing and legal standing to those deemed first-class citizens. All previous first and second class citizens are now referred to as first-class. The second-class now refers to those who may travel to but not live in Florentia

Secondly, the law prohibiting marriages between races has been lifted for those all classes.

Thirdly, anyone who is eligible for citizenship is also eligible for Knighthood in the Knights of Nine. An organization seeking to refill its slots from empty chairs left by retired members. The Knights of the Nine are an organization loyal to the King of Florentia and seek to promote peace in the realm through quests and acts of bravery. They are pronounced by the King to be in their position and act as a symbol of gallantry and chivalry.


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