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A poster was put up across the continent, alerting those interested in what was required.

A picture of a Hanese boy, Dae Lee, aged fourteen years, and with black hair and brown eyes would be seen first on the poster, with the following lines being read afterwards.

"A child by the name of Dae Lee has gone missing. He was last sighted in Highmeadow, the Reiklands. A reward will be negotiated upon his return to his family."

"If found, please return him to the inn in Highmeadow."


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Whilst looking through message boards, Krianna will take note of the missing child. The Elf Maid will pause to record the information. She leaves the document up, so others can see it. In her day to day life, the Alchemist will keep her eyes peeled for a disoriented Hanese youth. With luck, she hopes to encounter the child inside of the streets and thoroughfare of the grand city.


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Zena would wander the streets following the release of these posters, systematically tearing them down one by one. If anyone questioned her she’d simply smile sweetly and tell them the boy in question had been found.

Spoiler: He hadn't.
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A quiet and sorrowful gasp would escape the lips of the Fey when she saw one of the posters of the missing child. As a mother herself, her heart ached for the family that had lost their son, and at such an age where he could get into some serious trouble if he was out there on his own. After having given birth, she was confined to bedrest, and without much to do, she set about making copies of the posters in various languages, including Common, Elven, and Lahn. She had several of these copies posted up around the Spirit Isle, and continued to make more for later on.

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