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A Press- Deconstructed and Delivered (1 Viewer)


Ya Girl
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There was a time, many years ago, when the item currently in the Bishop’s possession was one well sought after.

Of course, that was for good reason; at the time, the item was well used. There were fond memories that came along with the Balmiran printing press, but it was time to pass the potent instrument along to another. After all, it had sat unused in the basement of the Balmiran tavern for well on a decade now. And the price that was offered was sweet enough that he couldn’t refuse.

Though Bishop was certain that there were no eyes still aggressively seeking the press that had been stolen nearly seventeen years earlier, alongside his son and his crew, he took care in concealing its journey. The press was dismantled, separated into dozens of easily transportable and virtually unrecognizable pieces. It was then smuggled over a matter of weeks out of the tavern in Balmira and through various different routes at isolated times- by sea on trade ships and by land in coaches, always under the watchful eye of an agent innocuously present to keep them safe. It was to be reassembled in Highmeadow, and, given that there were no interruptions to this scheme, would be met at the Highmeadow dock to be collected by agents of the buyer as they arrived.



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