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A Public Hibernia Party Invitation (1 Viewer)


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Posted throughout the lands, ranging from the farthest regions of the north to the farthest points of the south, posters would fly and be hung up as long as they were allowed. They were written in different languages, Elven, Valois, Heilig and Common, all posted in their appropriate regions for the language. All copies boasted a common version next to them. The wording would glow a faint white hue, and the text seemed to sprinkle snowflakes when picked up by hand and pocketed. They all appeared to be hand-written and in clean script, sealed with the Merrigold sigil at the top of every poster.

Everyone in the realm is invited to the Merrigold Hibernia Party in Luante, on [December 14th, 3pm PST (6pm EST) start]. There will be festivities catered to the season, including a tree lighting ceremony, a feast at the end of the night and a white elephant gift exchange for those willing to participate. To participate in the exchange, you must bring a present to add to the pool! Fighting will not be tolerated on the festival grounds and anyone who attempts to disrupt the spirit of the season will be removed from Luante.

Happy Hibernia!
With love and hopes to see everyone soon,
The Merrigold Family


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Strolling through ash and soot, lands desolate and otherwise abandoned, the Lieutenant would find one such parchment. Staring at the text and sigil, she pouts. "Halaena will have to attend with me. Not to mention Eritard..." she dusts it off and pockets it before gesturing to the rest of her posse to move on.

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