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"There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true."

It is both amazing and beautiful how this world was created for us, is it not? The races of sentience have existed in these lands for far longer than our texts can even remember. Through the abundance of life, we are able to feast on other beings for survival, else succumb to their hunger. Plants tend to our health whilst water nourishes our inner systems. We look upwards to the heavens and find twinkling diamonds which give us guidance, whilst the precious sun warms our skin. Magic flows through our wildlife, akin to a blood for which our land specially thrives.

Truly, we deserve to be here. The Gods themselves watch over us when the night is full of terrors, nurturing our kind and keeping our children safe.

Yet... As our civilisations age and knowledge truly begins to flourish, we start to delve into knowledge which ends this peaceful ignorance.

We learn that whilst the races of sentience are by far the most populated species to inhabit this land, there are other beings which possess even greater strength and intelligence than we could possibly perceive. What is to say they do not hold a better claim to this world? Furthermore, ruined temples and ancient scrolls tell us the misfortunes of those who came before us, all the while speaking a truth that our kind will likely perish in an unfortunate event.

Through the sheer fact that the the Void exists, yet for some reason has not entered our realm yet, means it exists in its own separate space. Otherwise, speculated to be a 'plane'. Thereby, does that mean there are other separate 'planes' to our own? Whether there are infinite or otherwise limited amount of planes, there is a chance that said planes hold civilisations far more advanced than our own. Knowledge most of us will likely never access.

Yet, most worrying of all, is the concept of 'timelines'. The combination of both Old-World'er refugees and the original New World'er population, means we inhabit one of many timelines. Through tales and legends, it can be discovered that some of these timelines are destroyed through mysterious means. Either way, there is an indestructible truth to this. We are not the first, nor are we the last.

To put it bluntly, each of us are but a simple, minuscule wisp of light governed in a realm of higher entities for which our minds cannot fathom to understand.

The world does not revolve around us.
To what do we matter?

If you do not feel a sudden pit within your stomach, else a dread within the back of your mind, then you are not mortal. Nevertheless, it is these sort of questions for which my life's purpose is to seek out and understand. I highly doubt I myself can understand such, but, that is not important nor is it the goal. Perhaps it is to enlighten other minds in a bid for the next generation to solve such questions, else it could be a legacy for my family to live on.

Maybe, I am just sick enough to enjoy placing these existential crises on other people.

Alas, only time and these journals shall tell.

This would be the introduction to the book, "A question of everything." Published by Leon Renoux, copies of it may be spread to whichever kingdoms decide to hold it.

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Finn, ever the voracious reader, would pick up this book during one of his travels. The introduction of the book was intriguing enough to catch his eye, and he hoped the same could be said for the contents therein.


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"What's this?"

"Found it. Thought you'd think it was interesting."

Spinner caught the light volume her sister tossed at her, examining it.

"It's pretty much exactly the opposite of your whole....serendipity thing." Lynn waved a hand vaguely. "If you don't want it, give it back."

The book found itself in one of the shelves of Spinner's caravan; directly above the flip-down desk that she sat at to write her own doctrine. Maybe having someone to debate against would prove useful, after all.


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Safiyya scrutinizes the pages, dark eyes scouring each and every word. What could it mean? Did the author even make sense? Safiyya wasn't sure, but by the end of it, there was one thing of which she was certain.
"Gods, I wish I could read."


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To scour, to read, only knowledge could satiate his Hunger. O, Blightstricken... what knowledge do you see in this...?


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And Leon's own wife at some point got her hands on a copy of the book. But Aura read through it on her own, as she was playing with the Valois spaniel puppy she had brought home when Leon wasn't looking. She didn't want him to say no to letting her keep a creature so precious and lovable. Truth be told, she was convinced that she wanted to bring the pup home from the moment Queen Ishani had it brought to her on one of her visits to Folset. But as she read through the book, she raised a brow at it. She hadn't thought her husband was working on this for a book rather than his normal studies. Perhaps it might be appropriate to ask him about it later.


Liko raised a brow at the title, beginning to read it through. After finishing, he'd curiously begin to search for the journals promised, in order to form a cohesive argument against the author.

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