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Within the frigid lands of the north, Chiara made her way Eastward of Frjalstad, finding a secluded location within the woods. There wasn't much there besides solitude, it was nice. She figured her father would like that anyways. It was a small clearing in the middle of the woods, with rocks which surrounded and sheltered the area with small pseudo-cliffs and banks. It was certainly memorable, but if one did not know the way it was certain they'd get lost. It was there that Chiara raised her hands- bidding the earth to come forth and upwards, surrounding a hammer which she had placed into the ground and leaving just its handle and part of the head exposed.

She did refrain from using magic intentionally besides on this binding though, having acquired a piece of marble from Folset, figuring he would appreciate something from the place he helped manifest and construct on his little memento. Chiara missed her father, and truth be told she still didn't accept he was dead despite having been told so by Perise. Her family had a st range way of turning up despite these presumptions and rumors, but on the same token, she would not wish to have her father unremembered. With that, the first hammer she made- a promise she had wanted to keep with her father was to mark his grave. Behind it, a marble tombstone which simply read:

Vulmar Dawn-Lyren

Loving Father and Husband
The Smith of the King
He Will Be Missed
Survived by His Wife, Daughter, and Two Sons

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