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On the night of a new moon all would be still and cloaked with darkness. As the stars would claim the sky a fog would roll into settlements close to the large mountains running across the northern portion of the continent, within the fog shadows would run and leap around before making their way into and through every village it would envelope. Unseen to the eyes of night watchmen the sound of shifting dirt and snow would disrupt the night’s peace, no faster than the sounds came to be would they disappear leaving the night in its serenity once more. When the sun would make its appearance over the horizon the fog would burn away and allow the awakening villagers and citizens to sights of horror.
Gravesites would be robbed, gaping holes in the ground from where bodies once were, bodies would be pillaged from the ground without their buried possessions and seemingly gone without a trace or track. To the bodies not stolen they would be sprawled around torn to pieces and with massive bite marks and claw gashes, the stench of death taking over the graveyards until they could be thoroughly cleansed.

OOC: When morning would come, villagers would rise to find graveyards pillaged of bodies rather than possessions. A peculiar but efficient grave robbing. The only bodies that would be left would be horrifically torn apart and eaten from. The settlements affected would be as follows: Revenhault, Rommelle, Arbetein, Wulfmarsche, Altenach, Auðrstað, and Bjarnstad. Notably the corpses from Altenach would be dug up, torn apart, and eaten rather than stolen entirely.
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Whatever source wished to dig up the dead of Rivedora found few and far between. Most people of Rivedora did not practice burial inside of the graveyard, those mostly being native Verseivans. Otherwise, most burials were at sea, as their ancestors were.


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[!] *The news reached Goslynn's ears as he was training new recruits to shoot a bow. His lips thinned. Tchak! An arrow was loosed, hitting the bullseye, and his expression turned into a smile. Tchak! Another arrow. His lips turned into a grin… he had no reason to feel glad, or even giddy. People's dead were being dragged and surely turned into undead, that meant more families slain, more souls in torment, more trouble. So he smiled more, his dead heart thumping heavily with the tolls of distant bells. They were making a move. The prey was on the run, it was starving and wounded. Tchak. It was panicking… Tchak. Tchak. Tchak. The target looked like a porcupine, ravaged and bleeding hay, its linen face torn apart. The recruits stared at their coach in awe, terror and widespread confusion. The messenger swallowed his saliva and received the bow once the avaltan had finished. Little did Goslynn know, he looked more akin to the ungodly mix between a wraith and a man, than a living being.* [!]
His prey had made a mistake.
[!] *The very next day, forces from Revenhault, Romelle and Highmeadow rode out, ashen gray tabards flowing in the wind. The Teufeljäger's steeds kicked up the dust. The cities affected found undead hunters in graveyards, tracking down movements, surveying entries and delving into the wilderness in search for any hints or tracks that could possibly be found. A hair, a nail, a shambling footprint. Something that did not belong to anything alive. Whatever, or whoever had dared defile the sanctity of the Reik's dead, had the Gray Guard at their heels, barking like hellhounds and snarling into the depths of their worst nightmares.* [!]

It was only a matter of time.

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Auðrstað having been recently erected to Bjarnstað's west would have very little in supply of human corpses, lacking both cemetery or proper burial ground within the settlement's premises. Many of the Vinnagardian folk there would be unaware of the dead being desecrated and taken, until the unexpected entry of the Teufeljäger, stumbling through and alerting them of Reikland woes. Farmhands and Guardsmen upon obtaining the basic gist of the problem would happily assist in the Reiklanders' search; within the woodlands there would be mainly just the remnants of messy hunts, and the rare once-off personal burial site, likely ravaged as the Reiklands' were. Drachir soon to follow stationing militants at any sites to prevent future desecration, and keep watch around the general area for signs of unsanctioned entry and/or grave-robbery.


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As news reached back to the Ascended of the recent events, efforts were quickly made to fortify the morgues within their hospitals and clinics. Vitae idly paced through the Tree, thinking back on what could be the cause of such. Who would do this? Who was involved? Do the targets create a pattern much like Foli's targets? She pressed her hands to the ground in the small garden in the corner of the hospital. The flora was almost called to her, as if the plants had empathy for Vitae's fear of this event's meaning, and if she could event help, due to it not being a direct threat to the Ascended...


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Under the Konig's orders, Vultog would begin his own investigation with a detachment of the IVth regiment. They would visit each affected city and village within the Reiklands, with orders being given directly from the Konig that night guard posts and patrols were to be extended to prevent further desecration and to be on the look out for further suspicious activity. The new order would likely find little resistance; no one wants to see the remains of their loved ones dug up and torn apart.

At the same time, Vultog's men would conduct investigations of their own with their first step identifying those who often deal with the dead; priests, gravediggers, graveyard keepers, suspected graverobbers, coroners, and so on. The questions would not be accusatory in nature, but simply asking if they had seen anything suspicious, if graves had been disturbed before this mass defilement, and so on. Vultog did not expect much to come out of this, but it was worth the time if there was any information to be gained.

Finally, Vultog would visit each gravesite with his Flightless Raptor Skitzy, who like all of her species could use Arcane Eye to look for magic of all types. At each one, Vultog would command Skitzy to use her innate gift and search for any sources of magic so she could approach and identify if there were any. Once more, however, Vultog felt that he would not find any leads. Those who had committed such sin without being seen would likely not leave any trace of their origin.

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