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Two Ravens from Oleiros would venture outwards holding a formal letter
which had the familiar branding of the Ordells. The Ravens would venture to all knowing cities and houses making this letter Common knowledge.

Dear, Noble cities of Verseiva, and all who receive this letter.

I would like to hereby inform all who read this letter, that the former Duque & Duquesa of Oleiros have relinquished their duties as heads of the Oleiros due to unforeseen circumstances having to attend to family matters in a foreign land.

Imrie Ordell has therefore by rights of succession been elevated to the head of Oleiros, thus all issues under her predecessor can be forwarded to Duquesa Imrie commencing from the date 23rd Floreo Bahari 50. Upon her succession as head of Olerios the Duquesa wishes to inform all that all issues discussed under her mother are open to be revisited, in the hopes of resolving any issues and grievances caused.

Duquesa, Imrie Ordell

Imrie Ordell’s Advisor, Regan Foster.


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