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Custom Items Team
Custom Items Team
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[X] Numerous parchments of the same letter would be posted
though out the Reiklands and Folset for those
looking to explore the abandoned Zheng city of Xia.

To any and all that intend on entering the Zheng city of Xia. I ask simply that you permit me to join
the expedition and fight along side you and your allies. I wish no payment other than the satisfaction
of seeing the profane and evil killed and driven from the city. Those willing to hear me out please write
to Siglastad in the Jarldom of Vinnagard. I have a score to settle with the guardians of the city.



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Goslynn let the posters hang for a Sept, and let the rumor seep in, before having them taken down throughout the night. Can't be having fools going around, looking for some false gold and end up dying at the hands of some Yak'aldrum, or some undead now.


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Upon spotting one of these fliers in passing through the Reiklands, searching for Zena, Reina looked it over and read it. Realizing who had written it, she took one with her. It was proof of what Erik had told her about, even though she remembered nothing of Xia. It was proof to herself that what he said was true or that he could be telling her mostly the truth in comparison to the Ascended. She died once and had no plans of dying again, so she wandered off about her business as usual and resumed her search for her favorite Hanese lass. "Don't be an idiot, Erik. I saved you once already. Look at where it brought me, death like my Father." She murmured near inaudibly to herself as she left.


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Said some random danakov digging away behind the River and Lake, preparing a site for a large contraption with cleansing flames spewing forth from it.

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