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"I see before us a gift from Hayatet, surrounded by barren, untended land," said the Hem-Netjer.
There were dangers in the Azaharr- this much was certain. But with each obstacle overcome, the morale of the Mutajarans grew. They had emerged safely from civil strife. They had bested the Rhakatari in war, and cleared their stronghold at the volcano. They had established teeming farms and mines. They sold their goods in a blossoming seaport, guiding ships home with its lofty beacon.

Now, in their drive to tame the province of Azaharr, the Mutajaran civilization set its eyes on the northeastern lake, heretofore a waypoint for travelers and a destination for herds of animals. With starlight in their eyes, the people envisioned fertile fields. They dreamed of animal sanctuaries- and spoke of new settlements. When these ambitions were made known to the Pharaoh by a humble Priest, he was quick to respond, assembling surveyors, architects, and the most prominent farmers of the Mutajaran Valley.

Together, they made plans to settle the northeastern lake and surrounding region. With the best intentions, they wished to transform what was barren and neglected into a haven worthy of the goddess and, by extension, the other deities of the growing Pantheon of Mandaraz.

The Hem-Netjer asked, "And what of the volcano to the East of the lake?"
"Dormant for as long as I can remember, and the stronghold there destroyed," replied the Pharaoh.
"Have other threats surfaced?"
"Lavaborn Dragons, according to Calemvir's reports."
"Do you think they will remain in the mountains?"
"I cannot be sure, but the Wardens shall be vigilant."

To The Archdruidess, A E L I N G A L I

"I am afraid I need your help again, dear friend. My people
wish to bring life to the region surrounding an ancient
lake- crops so our people may thrive, and foliage so
the animals may prosper. Carting in rich soil is
well enough, but your blessings could make
all the difference. There is no cost too
high, for you are a gift of Maharet."

Warm Regards,
Pharaoh Of Mutajara, G A R A I



The Silent One
Lore Team
A reply would be written in the script of the Druids. Swirling patterns and forest colors upon the letter, delivered to the Pharaoh by way of Bright Kiir owl, a beacon of the traveling words, reading as follows.

Friend to the ArchDruidess, your words and call for aid have been heard, the Ascended of the north has been informed of your request, and will be making preparations to journey into the sands to help sanctify the lake and surrounding land to ensure future generations may behold the life that flourishes in such harsh environments. The ArchDruidess asks you to prepare the area in which she will work with, and looks forward to seeing you.

The letter is signed, and sealed with the sigil of the Druidty of Higher Meadows. A white stag with a crown of flaming antlers stares toward you in noble significance. The stag is surrounded by trees, making it the official mark of the Druids.




In the weeks following Aelingali's response, the Pharaoh mobilized his soldiers to storm and secure the lake. With an escort of warriors from The Pharaonic Guard and support from The Third Cohort, he began their operation with a series of scouting missions. After confirming that Calemvir had faced Lavaborn Dragons in the South, not the North, Garai decided that now was the time to act. His Medjay ventured to the regions surrounding the lake, signaling any dangers to the approaching cohort by means of Vershi Battlehorns.

While the scouts were assembling reports, the Pharaoh and his Cohort established a forward camp. Until the lake was properly developed, this would be their base of operations. A company of Lancers and a company of Archers were ordered to set up tents and erect temporary fortifications, while the renowned horsemen of Okaman served as sentries. Garai, with plans of his own, prepared for a hunt. His blades were oiled and sharpened; his bowstring, waxed. If any monsters still lurked in the region, the Pharaoh would take care of them himself.




It was done. Aelingali had placed her blessings over the lake. Spectral trees appeared amidst the settlers and Medjay there, working to cultivate the soil. Though they couldn't have foreseen the effects of her blessings, they would have a profound effect on the soil. In quiet prayer, the peoples bowed their heads in honor of Hayasia and Maharet. "To the Netjer of Aversia," they said, "We extend our thanks."

With the Kravera Alpha slain and its pack scattered, it would only be a matter of time before the mountain passes between Tikhameru and the Oasis were made safe again. Medjay patrols began to venture in the heights, watching for signs of movement. At their sides were surveyors- planning the creation of roads and aqueducts. But for now, those were only distant dreams.

On the shore of the lake, the Pharaoh of Mutajara stood. Pensive and silent was he, watching the Moon's reflection on the water. It obscured life in its murky depths just as the sands obscured ancient mysteries. In a place like this, his thoughts drifted to Am-Thoth. To the other Netjer. In moments like these, he understood the interconnectedness of all things.


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