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A Smile Lost In the Tide of Heroes (2 Viewers)


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Letter to Saffiyya Noor,​

How often does one get an opportunity to make their dreams reality? What sacrifice weighs equal worth with the cost that such an offer possesses? Listen, and consider this; Mother’s voice and gentle caress; Father’s strict and caring guidance; Last, but not least, a lover’s embrace and faithful longing. Would a sacrifice to have all these back be worth it? To once more see and live those days with all those who you considered friends, loved ones and enemies…?

With these thoughts, I fulfill your request, Saffiyya of the Summerlands. Treat Eketana well, to her, you will always be special. She will care for you even in deepest of darkness, and most hopeless of events.
Rohana’s fires ever alight,
Hyssir’larhaa Aardynar


Long a night it was, just like the journey that lead up to the circle high North. Across valley and through mountain’s crevices, into Iceborne Tribes and out of Frost Giant settlements a pair trekked with great reverence to the land. During the day, knee-deep in freezing cold, they often felt the world’s brisk gaze upon themselves. While when the Moon walked across the skyline, Akdun’s Staff kept within them the life gifted a long time back in times much unlike to these.

By mid-day they’ve arrived and unpacked, soon enough after a hearty meal, one sat outside the large circle while the other donned a tribal outfit adorned with various depictions of fire and stone. Ember-like runes shimmered, then lit up one by one on each horn of the six horned man. He stooped onto solid ice, and with each step taken toward the Totem of Life, his footsteps left boiling water behind until the point where he reached his destination and there was no more ice.

A silken cloak is laid across a small pedestal. The draconic being takes his blindfold off, then presses both hands against the fabric while a soft frown persist across his visage. It isn’t oft that I weave emotions of such magnitude into a creation of mine, yet, while all that leave my hands are unique, this one, I intend with genuine care. All that I create will eventually return to me in one way or another, and I am ready to face judgement for my actions at any given time. Rohana’s fires ever alight… Nehemoth, Germael, please forgive the cozen daughter. This, as the last one, is a service to yourselves. My failures be your stepping stones which you may achieve victory on. With as much uttered, there was a glance offered to the other on the side. A stable rhythm of drumming began:

Tap after tap, claws meet the ground on which I spun. Over and over again, round and round so the there is none who may hide from my failures in this place ever again. Tap after tap, my hands carry this coif, knowing that this item will bring pain not only to those who are not deserving, but also those who long-long had it coming. And the outer quarter comes, midnight moon, eclipse then the scythes to hunger and eventually vanish. Eclipse, yet again, but now, the moon fattens, its blade grows until a whole plate it swells into. That is when the fourth pillar glances down upon us with greed in its eyes. Mana, essence, yet you fool me ever on with promise of power… Of that, which all I desire… not. Serve my will, in fact, that of the world’s own. Hide the wearer of this cloak in shadow. Make them be the stalker beneath the moon, bless them with a sense of safety when standing betwixt murderous crowds. Blessed and cursed we are after all. The good we lean toward, yet the bad serves us more. This is for her, and not for this vicious and damned war.
I give to you, my past… And with a heavy heart, I help the cause of the many, instead that of mine.
Flames dance across small etched lines. The tomes shine bright and each spews forth fire, ice, molten gold and fertile soil. In the middle, life teems, the livelihood of the near forest greets the scene from the side. After a sudden beam of light reaches up into the nightly sky, everything goes dark… And those lilac eyes fizzle out… A body hits the ground.

What a pain… yet What a delight.


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