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A Warning to a Father (1 Viewer)


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Blah blah goblin to the desert with Reik and Mundas'Ranaz colors to hand a letter off.
King Garai ( @Vadokim ),

Recently your daughter Safiyya has been creating trouble within the Reiklands. This includes minor things such as insulting guards, not answering their questions, and being aggressive, to selling questionable merchandise, threatening assault, and even war. Of course those in the Reiklands know better to take such threats of war seriously, but we are concerned with the behavior of Safiyya to the point that we have a warrant for her arrest. It would be in her best interest to give herself to Reiksheer custody; if she cooperates punishment will be quite lenient. We hope that you will be able to talk to her and perhaps tell her the full extent of the responsibility she has as royalty of a kingdom.

On behalf of the Reiklands, I wish you a prosperous reign.

Vultog, Chief of Mundas'Ranaz on behalf of Konig Avel
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To The Chieftain, V U L T O G

"I am going to speak with my daughter about this. Your tale greatly
disturbs me, and I hope she has an explanation. Rest assured, if
Safiyya has insulted your people, she has done a great
disservice to Mandaraz, and I will act on it."

Warm Regards,
Pharaoh Of Mutajara, G A R A I
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