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A Wisp To The Highmeadow Castle! (1 Viewer)


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A will-o-the-wisp flits through the gates of the Highmeadow Castle, down it's shadowed halls and to the office of one Goslynn Askeladden. It darts around frantically for a moment, eager to get Goslynn's attention. Should he follow it, it would lead him to the Highmeadow graveyard where a letter rests atop a tombstone. Upon fulfilling it's task, the wisp vanishes with a flash of light. The summoner clearly has an eye for the theatric.

Done up in a tasteful off-creme envelope, sealed with blue wax in the shape of a pentagram.

"Hey! Goslynn! You wanted to know about Jacobin's Curse, right? You're lucky I'm one of the few people who've actually met someone under the duress of such an affliction! Crazy luck, huh? Anyways, The Curse sort of reminds me of Vallahism, to an extent. When exposed to the sunlight the afflicted looks about like you or me, yeah? Mostly normal. However, when exposed to the moonlight - what is it with the moon and profane stuff, anyways? Seems kinda generic - their skin, muscle, tendons- you name it, everything but bone rot away. That's right! They're a skeleton. Which means you need something blunt to crush the bones themselves, or attack it with something divine like Holy Water. Maybe you can borrow Avel's staff or crown or whatever?" There's a difference in the dryness of the inks here, as though the writer lost their train of thought. "They don't age, from what I understand. Don't really feel pain, either. Honestly, from what our lot usually fight? They're not so bad.

I find the origins of a curse much more interesting than the curse itself. Jacobin's is said to manifest in people who're lacking morally. Thieves and covetous sorts, whatever. There's an old legend I heard as a boy in Danis, that Jacobin was originally the Captain of a pirate ship! They wronged some mystic chieftain, and he damned their souls forever for harming his people. Deep stuff, huh? That's all I know, though! Write back if you need anything else,- I'm a bit forgetful occasionally."


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