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ABKaiserKraft Ban Appeal (1 Viewer)


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Ban Appeal

Forum name: ABKaiserKraft

Banned MC account: ABKaiserKraft

Reason for ban: Caught stealing from Cordelia Brewery

Date of Ban: Unknown (its been a few months)

Over the past few months, I have really missed Aethier. I wish to rejoin the server and become part of the community again. I am so sorry for everything I did. It will never happen again. It was wrong of me to take another's property and claim it as mine. I have been reading the rules and  now understand what is expected of me. I now also understand what I did was wrong and regret my decision greatly. Aethier is meant to be a fun roleplay community and I understand I took that away from someone by taking the things. I am very grateful for this chance to redeem myself. I hope you understand I too am not perfect and hope you can forgive me for what I did.


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We're looking to approve your appeal under the following conditions:

  • You are on a 30 day "Last Warning" status, expiring December 27th 2016, in which time any warnings you incur will result in an immediate ban from the server.
  • Any future Theft Related offences will result with permanent ban with no appeals.
Reply here agreeing with these terms and we will process your unbanning.

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