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So, it has been a good bit of time since the events of 10/2. It has been really interesting watching mostly from the sideline as this chain of events has unfolded.

I'd like to be unbanned.

I won't go joking around in OOC chat anymore. And I understand that someone said no comments, but I really think that should be reviewed as the first reaction of the mods, maybe its fine in other cases that don't deserve discussion, but I was banned (without previous warning) over a joke. I just think there should be better first steps after a warning. /msg or a pm on another platform maybe. To the guy I said it to, I am sorry it offended you, I thought we were just having a bit of banter. We weren't it turns out. I posted my own doc talking about the jokes so I'm not going to reiterate that here.

Now all this stuff with the community, the teams shuffle, the demise of ETL Mono, and the rest, all I can say is Nini was right in saying this reaction wasn't just from this one event, but a buildup of tensions coming to a head. I have no input on how to fix any of that stuff. Staff are unpaid and overworked, they make questionable decisions, and end of the day they are just trying to play mineman pretend. The players outnumber them, and have many different opinions on how to run things, which that poll showed pretty well.

I really don't care how that stuff all moves forward cause I am not invested enough to say how to run things. I think y'all (players and staff) should focus more on fun and working together to find a better way forward, rather than pot shots and shit talking in echochambers.

This all goes to say, let this dwarf back on pls

-Grilledminer "Lenfold Bartel"


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Thank you for your patience Grilledminer.

Moderation has decided to lift your ban which will be done shortly. Welcome back to Aethier.

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