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An Apology for a Mystery [Private] (1 Viewer)


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[x] After the rather peculiar exchange of events and words with one Reina Piscaes Asgeirsdóttir, Erik was still no farther than
where he started on his attempts to find out what he did to offend her. Well other than he might have been the issue,
but that got him nowhere closer to the truth. Feeling like something needed to be done he went back over
to her place of residence and sat at a bench close by to write a note to Reina.

I still have no earthly idea on what I did that offended you to such a degree that you avoid all contact with me.
I've tried to get an answer, a small explanation, or at least a nudge in the right direction but to no avail. So I have
no other option here than to apologize for what I've done whatever that may be. So I'm sorry Reina. Whatever I said
or whatever I did that lead to this moment and this division between us, you have my sincerest apologies. I'm almost
positive that these words will mean next to nothing to you but it's all that I can give at the moment. I will do what I
can to try and figure out what happened and I might come back for a face-to-face apology. I do hope whatever
happened can be fixed to some degree. Maybe over time, maybe sooner than I think, at some point. I just wish
"not at all" never comes up. If you want to talk about this at all you know where to find me. I truly am sorry
for everything Reina.

Erik Berenger
[x] Erik signed the note and attached it to the door of Reina's house. He then went to the tavern to drink his anger away
for a while and then left the city without a word. Erik made his way back home to Siglastad and did the only thing that would calm his nerves
and his mind, and that was design and sketch. He hoped for some kind of response, he didn't care when it came he simply wanted
anything to answer the questions he had.



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Unfortunately, Reina had taken the quickest route to the docks after they had parted in Highmeadow. And from there, she took a leap into the sea, the one place she knew Erik wouldn't be able to follow her in should he have snuck up on her tracks again. And she took a long trip south to Atargatis to go seek someone out to speak with. She swam deep enough into the water that it was very difficult to follow her by boat should her suspicions be correct. The letter would just have to wait till she got home. But a guard likely would have removed it and slipped it under her door so it wasn't stolen away during patrols through the city.

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