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An Appeal for the Precedence of Team Banning on Digital Legos (1 Viewer)


A sort of 'Open Letter' to the Aethier Moderation Team. It serves also, as an appeal to my extant Team-Ban on this Digital Legos Roleplay Server.

When I was a member of the Aethier Staff Team, I held the rank of +Staff, I was a member of the Aethier Lore Team, Event Team, Technical Team, World-Edit Team, Whitelisting Team, and the precursor to what would eventually become Custom Items Team. I will begin by stating, for official record, the reason which I left these teams.
I left these teams due to a medical issue which I did not fully understand at the time. I was in time, diagnosed with full failure of the thyroid glands. In medical terminology, Acute Hypothyroidism. This resulted in, unbeknownst to myself, a very severe clinical depression, hormonal swings, mood swings, ad etcetera. I left the server for both myself, and to keep myself from acting in a manner that was wrong.

This is an exact quote of my resignation- It was given to, at the time, Floffy, NiNi, and Kyle.
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I would like to note the fact that I was, in written text- while albeit not on the forums, given the information that I would be permitted back onto the teams that I had left, if and when I came back, and/or was feeling better. I took this as a promise. Since it was coming from people that, at the time, I trusted, I had believed it wholeheartedly. Sadly, this did not come to fruition, as I was passively team-banned at the time that I came back. I was stonewalled by members of the Staff Team and Lore Team that I had once worked closely with. On multiple occasions, I attempted to ask why, and I made applications at the time- these were left Pending, with no response to either my questions, or my requests for information. I would normally state, yes, perhaps people were busy- but, alas- this lasted over the course of a month. Reasonably, I was insulted by this attitude.

Case in Point- this is the only definitive statement I can come up with- however, a time gap of over two months passed between this statement, and the time in which I committed the next, morally inclined "atrocity."
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While awaiting someone to speak to me about the situation that had just taken place- or to at least let me know that I was passively team-banned, or that I would not be permitted to resume the positions I had once held, I noticed something very fishy taking place. I still had some +Staff permissions on-server, and witnessed very peculiar things going on in SocialSpy. I let team members know about this- namely, Floffy, Zickery, Kyle, Natureluvr, and on one occasion, NiNi. This was the time in which Kyle was still Management. Each of these reports and inquiries, done unofficially, due to the corruption within Staff ranks that I was illegally investigating, was met with either silence, or simply words copy-pasted from a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Simply put, nothing was done. Nothing still has been done.

It was at this point that I utilized the CoreProtect Login of another Staff member, to dig up hard evidence of the actions being perpetrated that were in direct violation of the Teams' Code of Conduct, the Player Code of Conduct, and the Player Bill of Rights. This was all done, because I have a vehement and incredibly deep care for this server. Why else would I have dedicated so much time into it, and sacrificed my IC Faction at the end of the Aestatian War, to satiate the massive deluge of complaints flooding the Event/War Team at the time?

I submitted these ripped logs to the aforementioned Staff Members. Again, nothing was done- I was met with a deadpan stone wall of reports that were not followed up upon. As a last ditch effort to try and force someone to action- I began dispersing this digital lego evidence to Players and members of lower Aethier Teams. This is what got me banned. However- allow me again to paste logs of what I was told, by the person who held, ergo, full control of the server at the time.

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Now- allow me to wrap all of this up.
I spoke with members of the HR Team, Moderation Team, Kyle, and NiNi himself on the proposition of my being Team-Banned by Floffy and Thunderskins as per my return after I was banned the most recent time.
I was informed that "precedence", (ie: the actions undertaken in the past) have no consequence on Aethier presently, as the Teams and Rules System has been entirely re-written. I was also informed that I was not team banned. I was instead, informed, by NiNi, that it was up to the Team Leader to step out on a limb on whether or not I would "behave." Contrary to rumor and popular belief, I was not a garbage team member, I was not a garbage staff member, and in my own mind I did quite a lot of good for this server- and would like to continue doing quite a lot of good for this server.

However- I was just recently informed that, against the statements of multiple Team Members and Team Leaders, that I am in-fact team-banned, yet only after I have written a Team Application, and had an interview administered for it. Needless to say, that was quite and undeniably frustrating. I feel as if I have on multiple occasions, despite the love, care, and time I've put into this server to better it, and help people- that I have been treated as human garbage. Again, this could just be my perspective, but I would invite anyone and everyone who wishes to, to put themselves in this perspective and try to empathize with me here.

To wrap this all up-
I hereby make an official appeal for the removal of my Team Ban.
For both the fact that I was medically incapacitated on the leaving of my teams initially, and for the fact that the actions I perpetrated against the Teams' Code of Conduct was with intent to do good.

I really felt that, at the time, this was the only thing I could do. It was, yes, technically against the rules- and I wish that I knew now what I knew then. Barring that, what I did was in no way an attempt to harm the server, and it was only to try and bring to peoples' minds, what was happening behind the scenes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope it has shed some light on the situation.
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I will raise this in the next meeting. To my knowledge we do not currently have a formalised "Team Banlist".

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