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A personal letter was sent out in search of Cyril, written very carefully and in the same handwriting as the poster. It was accompanied with
a poster both written in common. The letter would likely end up getting passed between courier hands to reach the mage as quickly and accurately as possible.

Dear Cyril,

It has been a long time since we’ve gotten to see one another, and I apologize for the lack of communication between you and I. I hope that you will be able to make it to my family’s Hibernia party as I’ve missed being able to speak with you. I hope your magic has been progressing wonderfully, however I do have questions as to why you’ve taken upon a student. This is not the time for that though, I do hope you can make the time to attend, as I’ve found myself almost missing getting to spend time with you.

Cecilia Merrigold



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The Chill of the North
From the depths of eternal winter and some days later, a letter is returned to Cecilia; fortunately, it's offered with surprising speed—magic is definitely involved. Both posters are kept, and only struggled writing planted on thin, cheap parchment can be gained from a skinny courier.

"To Cecilia,

Trust me when I say that I regret my extended leave. My few visits stem from a newfound tedious occupation—I work day and night, near-tirelessly. My magical aptitude is progressing wondrously; although I haven't taken a student, I've gladly shared my knowledge with others. Though I may not stay for long, I will gladly attend the festival, if only to see you. I'll be sure to make up for it when next we meet.

With my love,
As the letter is finished and sent, Cyril shuts his eyes and shivers; he plants his head on his desk and covers his neck. In a way, the necromancer regrets ever becoming attached to Cecilia, even if slightly. With the chronomancer's powerful allies, Cyril is sure to be found eventually—Merrick is the father of this woman, her brother is (or was, even) Vikret's champion, and more. For the first time in months, emotion is present in the apathetic man. He can't live a double life. It'll be difficult to choose, and even harder to act on his decision.

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