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Taking a more western passage to deliver their message for safety reasons, the swiftest courier at the Luk’Mali’s disposal was sent from the Ondera’s stronghold on the isle of Noioinamali to the desert oasis city of Mulajara. The Leonin courier was given the mark of the Ondera, signifying his official business to deliver his message to whomever was in-charge: @Vadokim @anyone_else_who's_incharge


To the leadership it may concern,

The news of the conflict in the desert brings me concern. At a time such as this, when the spirit of chaos seeks to tip the natural balance of the world, mortal races should not have to deal with such pity conflict involving pirates and bandits. All are efforts should be focused on the bigger picture and distractions like this must be dealt with swiftly.

Should you wish the Luk’Mali Kingdom we will provide the aid of are warriors and navy to with this threat you face. May Thuun watch your warriors in the battles to come.

Ingonyama Hadenibhek,
Ondera Deni Luk’Mali




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The Leonin courier ushered within the walls of the Fort Sanuharr. In which, the Emir Dahan was preoccupied with his lieutenants. However, once the letter was handed to the Emir it was handed to his Captain Cipianos.


Most honorable Ingonyama Hadenibhek,

I take this opportunity to thank you for your kind words. The near-constant conflicts plaguing the sands of the Azaharr concern I and the Emir Gar ai-Dahan's minds greatly. He and I are most grateful that you would offer such fine warriors and ships to aid in our cause. As much as we would enjoy fighting the invader alongside our Southern brethren, the Emir only wishes to ask for shipments of timber to help bolster our own navy after a battle off the settlement of Tikhameru. Please remain vigilant, lest the Rahktari begin to attack anyone at sea. May Hayasia offer her plentiful bounty to you and your kin.
Cesarios Cipianos,
Captain of the Wardens


With the letter written, the Captain hands the Leonin courier the rolled parchment baring the seal of the Jackal.
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At first no reply to confirm if the request of the captain would be granted. However, soon enough their southern neighbours had just not decided to waste time by sending yet another courier. The lumber that could be spared from Luk'Mali supply stocks and was un-needed for maintaining the island nation's own fleet was shipped off upon Luk'Mali transports and delivered in caravans toward the desert city. With it came a much simpler and less formal message:
"We hope the lumber of our jungle provides you with enough to bolster your fleet in the battles to come.
Spirits guide."



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