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Within the territories of Vinnagarð, as well as a few neighboring areas within the Reiklands, a set of simple and to-the-point posters would be written inviting the free-folk and neighboring denizens to what would appear as nothing more than a simple talent-show of whoever felt inclined to drop by, within the recently constructed settlement of Auðrstað. Drinks sold there to be sold at a slightly reduced price. Beverages brewed with the assistance of Erik Berenger. The posters appearing as follows:

Attendees may send a letter of entry for their show, and are welcome to drop by and enjoy themselves.

You may place your sign up letter as a reply.

(Optional) Extra Info:


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Name: Perise de Noctis
Age: 44
Talent/Skill: Juggling/Alchemy
Nationality: Kingdom of Folset
(Optional) Extra Info: Sounds like fun, Drach.


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The Queen wasn't much for openly performing any of her skills, but she felt it might be nice to put it to good use as all she used it for was a personal hobby, not shared. After having watched Perise sign himself up for it with a juggling act, she pulled up her own crisp parchment and set to writing in an eloquent cursive, common, later to be closed by a purple wax with her personal seal stamped into it.

Name: Ishani de Noctis
A cello solo
Nationality: The Kingdom of Folset
(Optional) Extra Information: Don't let my husband blow anything up during his performance.

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