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CIT Update!
Hello again, we in CiT have discussed a set of changes, and feel as though such would be quite pleasing to the lot of you! These changes range from the pricing of custom items, backstory-ing custom-items, to the monthly cap of Liquid Mana. To begin, the changes made to the pricing of custom items are as follows:

Pricing Changes:
(Affects Everyone)
All of the prices for custom item categories have been halved, or reduced in some form, and the values based on item rarity, altered. Currently, the values of discounts remain unchanged, but this is entirely subject to change over time. This was performed on many complaints relating to pricing being too high for new players, being too close to those being paid for regions, or making discounts feel like something needed. These numbers are also subject to change over time on account of the new material gathering system, and/or upon further feedback.

New Values:

Backstoried Item-Clause: (Affects New-Players/Characters)
To continue, we have settled upon a basic standard involving the application of back-storied items. This applies primarily to new characters, and within Custom-Item applications, a user must provide a link to the character's backstory within the Item Acquisition Details, and some simple OOC justification for such assuming it's not something Miscellaneous. Back-storied items also must be either Miscellaneous or Artifice, and cannot be made of anything exceeding the rarity of common. Backstorying weapons or armor will not count towards any professions, and should also not be of anything stronger than steel. This is subject to change if it is abused in any form.

Liquid Mana Changes: (Affects Mages)
To add on, the monthly Liquid Mana cap has been lifted. Based upon the information for the spell Consolidate Mana and some math performed by Phantom, the most one can apply for at any given time is 3,000 mL (3 Liters) as any more would cause the mage to pass out. In game items representing Liquid Mana will be condensed to now hold at most 1,000 mL (1 Liter) total depending on the application. Application for Liquid Mana will be monitored to account for any attempts to spam out applications, but we feel this is far more reasonable than the 1,500 mL cap, as it restrained mages greatly.

We hope these changes are well recieved, and if anyone has any feedback, feel free to
throw it my way through Discord or Forum PM! I hope all of you have a wonderful day!

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