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CiT Announcement: March 23rd 2019

Wonderful News!
Hello! It is Crach once again for your [Insert large number here] announcement regarding CiT related things! Noting many alterations of the node system and material applications, there has been some small discussion between CiT, LT, and OT to decide on how material applications will be handled. As of March 23rd 2019, you will not require in-game items for common materials be it lore or irl regarding custom item applications, and may include the gathering for such items within their respective applications. Also, regarding discussion with LT, small crafts outside of a character's profession range but can be related to said character's already locked-in professions, can be crafted if done so if the craft is being done in relation to a full work within the character's profession range. Now isn't that just a confusing sentence? In a more easy to understand way, a character who is a weaponsmith, would be able to make the hafts of their arrows even if not a woodworker. The only catch is the material must be an irl material, and not purely a common-lore one. The profession being emulated also cannot be progressed, and this is subject to the item-app reviewer based on acceptability.

Now for the bad news!

It's not actually that bad, but there will be a small price bump on certain item categories to flatten the numbers, so players no-longer receive strange decimal chains when having their custom-item applications priced! The changed prices are listed here:

...and are to be updated in their respective subforums. There will also be a new additional 5% discount tacked onto custom-item applications for common rarity items that also hold that the common-material item in the player inventory to be taken. This also should be stated in the "requested discounts" section of the app before it is priced.

Otherwise, that is practically all for now! Stay well, and if you've any questions or need any clarifications, feel free to message me by either Discord or Forum PM!
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