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The following letter was sent to the Riekland capital via a Leonin courier, one bearing the mark of the Ondera, signifying their official duty and nature of the letter. Word would also be sent to the orc know as Umaroth should she be in the capital, informing her of the letter being delivered.


To Konig Avel,

I believe I am the first Ondera of my people deciding to attempt to make contact with a King and Emperor of Hestarks. I hope it will not be in vain.

I will be brief and to the point. Your vassal, Chieftain Vultog of Ugadhol'Gropor, continues to threaten my people and make claims to the lands of the western isles, lands rightfully belonging to the Luk’Mali Kingdom. He slanders my name, harasses anyone from our islands and continuously plots to turn people against our nation.

It has long been the policy of our Kingdom to not act with violence unless provoked into such. I have previously ignored Vutlog, believing him to be nothing more than the insults and bold claims of a simple orcish trouble maker. However, he has taken a turn for the worse. I’ve had multiple members of his tribe come to me and wish for something to be done about him, including his own wife. Infact, it was her suggestion that I write to you. I cannot stress enough how much I’d like to just ignore him and continue aiding in the destruction of Foli’s pillars, and I’m sure you’ve probably bigger things to be dealing with as well.

In the hopes of preventing a future conflict with your vassal, and the great loss of life that would result from such, I would like to request a meeting with you.

Ingonyama Hadenibhek,
Ondera Deni Luk’Mali


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To the Luk'mali Principality,

A great amount of time has passed since your requests for help regarding my Landgrafs insufferable behavior. Usually these pleas for my strict foreign policy are often ignored, but your situation made me feel sympathetic to the new leadership of the southern isles. You will be pleased to know that Landgrave, Chieftain Vultog has been heavily distracted by something completely unrelated to his claims of the past. His punishments have stacked over his shoulders and he has clearly shown signs of improvements- I would like to formally apologize for the trouble he has caused, and hope to pave way for a peaceful coexistence together in this unstable Aethius.

König Maddoc of the West

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