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After discussion with lore team, we have updated the node rules, adding the following stipulations. Hopefully this will make node looting more fair and agreeable to everyone involved! The updates are as follows:
  • Public nodes that were placed at the beginning of the world and are located within the area claimed by a region or by a public node application, may be blocked off ONLY if all players in the region are added to the locked doors/trapdoors.
    • A DM can be requested at any time to DM IC theft attempts, and the locked area will be made accessible to the player during that instance should the DM deem their actions successful.
  • There are two types of public nodes: Full Public Access and Faction Only.
    • All public nodes that are located within a region, applied for or not, may be designated as either Full Public Access or Faction Only.
      • Full Public Access nodes can be looted by anyone.
      • Faction only nodes may ONLY be looted by players that are a member of the region unless a DM is called to moderate theft RP.
    • All regions will be required to choose which node policy they would like to enact for their region. This list is in the post below.
You can also find this update on the node rules thread here.

I am currently in the process of contacting all region owners to confirm the node policies of each region.

Thank you!
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