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fresh heckers!!
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    • hyana has an inky black tattoo of a Scarab Beetle on the back of her left hand.
    • Across her back are red welts of lash marks, they cross from her waist up to her shoulders and are raised to the touch.
    • Along her left arm is a jagged scar caused by Vallah claws, she always keeps this covered.
    • Her stomach bears an elegantly curved cut from hipbone to hipbone.
  • Defining Traits ~
    • Spark ~
      • Khyana's spark was lit by none other than Avel Maddoc, a master mage at a leyline sight near Tyr'Veist.
    • Cursed ~
      • Curse: Khyana has been cursed by an unknown entity which siphons energy from her soul, this entity is also responsible for the elf forgetting her identity, leaving her memoryless and feeling like a passing host in her own body.
  • Clothes, Accessories & Hygiene ~
    • Out of her and her twin she used to be the sister to wear more extravagant clothes and jewellery, often favouring dresses of darker colours to release her teenage angst in an expressive and eye-catching way, however, due to her life experiences wearing clothing such as long skirts and dresses now feels too restricting. She prefers to wear coats and trousers in order to be able to move freely and get away should she need to.
      • She currently favours a dark cloak, embellished by a single silver shoulder strap layered over her faded blue loose-fitting garments; made from a thick yet soft material and a pair of worn leather boots that have long since lost their shine.
    • Khyana bathes regularly and often in the sea. The ocean calms her mind and allows her to enter an almost meditative state. Because of this, the elf often carries a naturally faintly salty smell though she hides it with flowered fragrance.
    • o master magic; [in-progress]
      • Khyana hates being as weak as she is, she is regularly visited by night terrors causing her insomnia. She refuses to let herself be powerless again and so is making proactive steps to better protect herself. Magic being a key one of these.
    • To improve her Alchemy; [in-progress]
      • She learns alchemy from her friend Finn, this was a way for her to start living again after a long period of stagnation and traumatic experiences.
    • To Travel the world with Alda [Fleeting Desire]
    • To break Kelsier Felrend's lute [Burning Desire]
    • To see snow for the first time [Accomplished!]
  • Languages~
    • Elven - Fluent
    • Common - Fluent
    • Valois - Passable
    • Heilig - Laughable
  • Fears ~
    • Her brothers; Khyana for the most part can handle her brothers, however when they raise their
      voices or start to show signs of anger, the Elf will retreat entirely from the situation.
is it normal that i see khyana on apollyon's char sheet?


only nerds run FT
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this is gonna be awkward explaining to andreia that apollyon turned into her best friend

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