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I will not lie. Even after a month and a half I find writing this appeal difficult. To be honest the ban itself caught me by surprise because all cited misconduct I have been accused of was done on my own private discord a month and a half prior to the ban, where I did not know Aethier held jurisdiction (Nor do I agree it should). I see how I disrupted the harmony of the server and the wrong that I have done, yet I struggle to find myself to apologize for additional claims that I do not find true.

#9 Bringing IC and OOC.

The understanding and interpretation of this rule is the root cause of this incident. The conflict between I and another member of this community arises around an issue where I believe that they have brought OOC into IC. This person had a trusted position in the leadership of said faction and I maintain that other OOC loyalties and friendships affected that trust. As it stands neither Moderation, the other side involved, or myself and those in our faction who sees the situation from a similar perception will budge. For this I will never see my actions as bringing IC into OOC, but as going too far in admonishing someone for breaking my trust when they brought OOC into IC. But I am perfectly capable of seeing how moderation sees this and how it is detrimental to the server's health. I do promise in the future I will take extra precaution to not break this rule whether it was unintentional or not.

#22 Attempted to spread false information out of character about actions done in character.
I have not been told what incident of RP this is in reference to, nor do I have a clue what instance it may be because no such incident has ever occured. I can see how events of the Rebellion in my eyes may be different than others. I made it a point to not speak with rivals during a time of competition to avoid ooc conflict, keep my nose clean, and just enjoy the Roleplay. Perhaps someone else is lying? I would hope not and believe its just a misunderstanding.

#5 Toxicity and Harassment
Here I fully know that it is expected of me to apologize and not attempt to defend myself in any way. I went too far in criticizing and correcting someone in my private discord. However I was not the only one escalating things and saying venomous words. Discord is where we work our problems out privately so we do not bother the server. In this discord we also criticize server decisions, post WWII memes depicting war participants and their imagery that would get you banned on the Aethier discord, jokes that are distasteful that some may find intolerant. Nobody save the moderators of the Rhett discord has permission to punish any action. In the scope of my own discord I will admit however that I acted poorly. However, this was an off server dispute between I, and those involved. And the matter should have been left to us to settle off server.

But here's the bottom line right, nobody enjoys dealing with these sorts of conflicts. Whether Aethier has overreached by extending its jurisdiction to my Discord server or not, Even before I even knew that I broke the server's rules I feel like shit. Look, I don't enjoy having toxic feuds and resentment with people who I have seen as friends. If I truly believed as you may, that the person in question was not the first to break OOC into IC or vise versa and break the trust we had with them, and that it was due to Roleplay that happened. I would not care. IC is IC and I would never burn bridges with people over fair play.

I know very well my reactions are out of hand when I feel like my trust is thrown in the dirt and fucked over, due to ooc causes. I recognize it is a problem and I will work on it.

I knew of this flaw in my temperament before the ban occurred.

I know this is not an appeal many will like, but it's all I can say while being honest with good intent.

Throughout life we're all going to find ourselves in moments where others break our trust or do things that we may not think is right. We may never see those wrongs made right. In our emotions we may lash out, and sometimes only that is seen by others. We will be antagonized, and those who prod will never be accountable, and your actions will be judged.

However if it means anything to the Aethier community, I really do seek to change my temperament to be a better person. To be more enjoyable to be around, less toxicity in my life, to act respectfully, and have healthier friendships. I won’t expect any apology towards myself, but I would hope in return for the changes I will make in my own temperament, others would stop antagonizing people for violent reactions and act with more honestly and integrity with myself and every other fellow member of this community.

- Sincerely,


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This ban appeal is going to be declined due to the waiting period having yet to expire. You have a three month waiting period after your ban. You can re-appeal again on 5/21/19. Apologies for any inconveniences!


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