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Of all the things that I ever thought I would get to write, this...wasen't on the list. I would firstly like to say that communication has always been hard for me. I am not going to excuse behavior as a means of avoiding consiquence, but being someone who cannot speak in any other way than through text can be frustrating..I will be as honest, and upfront with this as I can be. I hope for those who read this, it will be enough.
Firstly, I will apologize to Phantom for my comment in TS. Stating "fuck you" to a person is not nice, I know this, it was a rash and emotional choice, not one meant to discredit or harm. Being punished for something without being given a chance to speak about it, discuss, understand, or process of "hey, this is why, please dont do this -blank-" in my mind was not something I agreed upon. Even with my own opinion of the ordeal, I am sorry for lashing out in the words I chose. A more appropriate response would have been to say I disagree, and to go directly to the source, I did not, and that was my mistake in the issue.

As I said I will be honest, I do disagree, while yes, with the ban, but more for the actions taken. I would have been happy to discuss of why the warning could have been issued, and to correct behavior in the terms of the wording used during rp. Warning someone doesen't really give a chance for this, and rather just upsets people involved as there is no understanding or connection to a command that can be typed into a chat window. Communication as I so struggle with is dearly important not just to me, but I beleive any member of the community. Its a vital key that has to be shared equal terms, not just between those who make mistakes and those who correct them.

I do not like using brash terms toward someone in a serious manner. I would much so rather just talk and work things out like people, to understand and accept. Being able to come to terms for mistakes allows growth and further progression, tearing people down just makes them vile and unwanting to speak up. That is what occured in this instance. I wasen't spoken too, I wasen't approached about any form of mistake or mishap. It just..was thrown at me while I was not even on the server. Having to be told by others "oh this just happened".

3 months is a long, long time. While I understand learning mistakes is apart of life, splitting someone for 3 months away from a community they cherise and wish to uphold to higher standards does not give them a will or want to return. It's depressing, it turns them away and makes them see the place as not wanting them back. I understand in some instances such actions are required for those who cannot regulate among others, who cannot confide to the rules given. This is of course something that should be...but communication is so so so so so so so important..please just talk to those who need help understanding, so them may LEARN.
To anyone who might have been offended by Umaroth's drunken banter, I apologize. My intentions were to not make things awkward, or worded in a way that would push others aside.

I hope these words were seen as honest. There is so much more that can be said, but rambling on for hours while my hands shake, and I am unable to shut my eyes in sleep will not help anyone, especially me. This is an instance of my words coming out before I could think of why and how I am saying them. I in no way wish harm upon others, for that is not who I am. I wish only the best for people. It is why I work in the feild of medical science. It is why I love people, and all who they are, even if sometimes we don't always agree.

Thank you, for those of you who have stuck through my endless amount of words till the end. Know that this community has been a blessing to me, for someone who has trouble speaking out into the world. My friends on this server have helped me stay away from dark places, and know that I love you for keeping me that way. <3


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Moderation as a whole has agreed to lift your ban to a singular month instead of three, as we all discuss the length of the ban. You may appeal for unbanning with a different appeal on [8/2/19]. Your warning was escalated to a ban for COC #5 due to your immediate escalation to insulting a member of moderation team, in the future when you are given a warning you can come to me directly and say how you disagree as you said in your appeal instead of possibly acting brash. If anyone were to have said what you had with their voice they would've been given the same treatment.

As for your warning you should have been told by the two moderators who were dealing with your warning last night, I'll be speaking to them about your unawareness of being warned to fix this issue in the future. From my understanding they were sluggish and tired and due to the rapid-hit situation of your ban they were unable to contact you in time for the warning itself. This is still not acceptable behavior for you not to have received your warnings information and I apologize for you not having been told immediately. If you are still unaware of what you were warned for exactly you may message me on discord.

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