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Hello Aethier Moderation Team.

Before beginning this appeal I would like the following to be taken into careful consideration:
  1. I was never warned prior to my ban, or warned to stop my behaviour. In my own objective opinion, a warning would have probably been best case as it would have given incentive to correcting my actions. I cannot question the behaviour of the Moderation time but it is concerning why other players banned for the same offenses have been given multiple warnings before their punishments were dished out.
  2. I was never the one actually harassing the two players that claim to be victims in the situation, it was my friend, who, can take full responsibility for this and will state so in a call however the fact that I play Aethier and they do not should not put all the fault on me. I never said I had specifically told Hannah to go after the two players and Hannah went after them herself after I gave her the player's discord, post asking for it, after coming to her for emotional support regarding the stripping of my magic. If needed my friend Hannah (milkshaker, deatheater, her alt), can vouch and prove this on a call.
  3. I feel as if the ban was necessary in order to fully understand my actions from multiple perspectives and to get the best insight of the situation that is free of my apparent rage due to the incident after I lost magic. Having the ban gave me a chance to reflect and become conscious of my actions as well as what to do to prevent this from happening in the future.
I would like to thank the team of Aethier for the punishment and halting of activities on the server when I was in a stressful and grief ridden situation. Doing so has given me the tools to recover without the added stress of the server in a time that has allowed me to amend relationship with 2 players involved in the situation as well as Hannah as well even going to do the same after my encouragement to do so. We have taken the path of reaching this players of being friendly on a medium and tone that they would find best understandable as my multiple formal apologies to these players seemed to be ineffective in improving relations, and so we called for an indirect formal apology through actions and not words.

As I continue on, I fully and wholly acknowledge all of the actions on the server and accept them as my own, what I however cannot accept as my own is Hannah's lashing out at these two players, the most I can do here is apologize on my own behalf and encourage her to do the same, as she has done by showing these players kindness in tandem with me. This includes but is not limited to, threats of self harm, hostility, and anger in general; a wholly negative attitude. The steps I have taken to amend these behaviours have been purely reflection alone. Typically, as seen in the time before my banishment, these behaviours were uncharacteristic of me and spawned from a sudden change in attitude.

I am working to revert back to the person I was prior to my ban when there were not many issues beforehand and overall wholly improve my character from that point moving forward. Reflection on these events have been critical and again I thank the server's moderation for putting an end to my anger which was already at a point ready to explode, and go off the charts.

I cannot wholly justify my behaviour nor my negative attitude at all and I can only claim responsibility for such. What I have however done to purge this attitude is think about the future rather than the past, and past grudes. Once Kyle gave me some advice a day before my ban and it was to eliminate OOC grudges. Unfortunately this skill is probably a hard one to develop as I would know for myself. It's difficult not to get mad when you lose something you really wanted, but I am willing to accept this due to the lining of events for my character and see the silver lining, which is character development.

I've turned my mind into one with a positive outlook and morphed my eyes into one that will only perceive the logical and the best, rather than focusing on the negatives which is what I was uncharacteristically doing in my last week on the server. I understand my relations with people may be wholly damaged now but I believe there is hope to continue being a good person against the grain moving forward of course. This will come in the form of me trying to limit negative OOC encounters and trying to block people, and so thus to the server I make these problems.

  1. I will not hold people OOCly accountable for their RP actions if there is no definitive proof that there is metagaming. Many of those around me have been making subtle suggestions that people OOCly were the instruments behind these as a means for targetting me OOCly but this negative mindset will no longer persist and I cannot use this as an excuse moving forward. Moving forward I need to understand that the story is the story and I cannot get angry at those for trying to play their characters to the best of their abilities.
  2. Negativity directed towards me will not be returned under any circumstances. One of my biggest mistakes in this uncharacteristic phase of my time on Aethier was to buy into the negativity directed towards me by one player in particular and cannot be reciprocated back. I understand now that as I had done before, ignoring the perpetrator is the best course of action in order to avoid conflicts.
  3. I will try and hold my head high with a more positive outlook on the server rather than assuming that people hate me off the bat OOCly for minor things that in the end tend to be silly as I had done in this uncharacteristic phase of my life. I will revert wholly back to trying to be as friendly as I can to people without hurting or annoying anyone in the future.
  4. I will avoid bringing my personal life as something to be discussed on the server and with it's people. I understand that those on the server should not hear of my own personal troubles and it should wholly be kept to myself and brought up elsewhere, somewhere not over the network. Doing so will eliminate any uncomfortable feelings that may of arisen from my actions around this idea in the past.
And to seamlessly conclude my message here, I wholly apologize to the entirety of the server. I am deeply remorseful for all the negativity I've brought in this singular week and the gathering storm weeks prior. I know how to handle myself moving forward, and I believe wholeheartedly for myself and hope that others believe that a more positive future is coming for those who choose to surround around me, and for those who do not wish to do so, I won't worry and will not go to any means at all to go after them ever.

I'm a bit surprised because usually most people get a time frame where they are told to appeal, or when it becomes appealable, so I am willing to spend some time if more reflection is required, but I also stress that the amount of stress and grief I was dealing with in the week leading to my ban (stress from exams, death of a pet, etc)., were personal factors in my behaviour but I am always to be held accountable for what I do on this server and this cannot be used to excuse me at all. But to put into perspective that this reflection has been real, I have not thought about Aethier for a while. I don't know how those reading this are going to receive it, but I can only hope for the positive way, and if not I will use such as a means for further personal growth.


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Hello, Atrixal.
Moderation team has taken time to review your appeal, and have decided that four days is not enough time for an attitude change. You are free to reapply in a month [On 7/22/18] with a different and better appeal. Your appeal should be an apology for your behavior and include a genuine intent to change the behavior that got you banned, not an explanation as to why you thought the ban was unjust or unfair.
Have a nice day,
Moderation Team.

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