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Avian Courier Services Mailboxes (1 Viewer)


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The ACS currently Collects mail from the following locations:

  • Sonaris
  • Katherine
  • Sanctuary
  • Camp Retribution
The Following Towns/Cities are pending mailbox installation:

  • Ostwyn (Awaiting confirmation)
  • Aidiryf (Awaiting mailbox construction site designation)
The Following Cities do NOT permit mail deliveries: (Or are difficult to deliver to)

  • None
The Following Cities/Locations have denied airborn mail, and may take longer to deliver to:

  • Sonaris (On foot deliverys only)
  • Stormfall (On foot deliverys only)
  • Auvrea (Unsecure mail delivery point)
The Following towns have not yet contacted ACS for mail collection services:

  • Alemor
  • Spirethorn
  • Port Royal
  • Other, Unlisted

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