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Ban Appeal [Gone Cancerous] [Got Myself Banned] (1 Viewer)

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Nini, I love you, you're an awesome owner and you did a great job  with Aethier apart from your staff.



Dogbew  - These people are all shit staff and it's amazing to believe they even got staff somehow.  I would have not purposely got myself banned off Aethier if certain people weren't here. Honestly, If Dino, Dogbew, Floffy, LordofDank, and Lane weren't here, I would love it.  A huge ass problem is that you allow your staff to do /nothing/ about anything, other then when they get salty at someone. People call each other faggots in ts, they talk over what to do in rp oocly, it's a laughable, disorderly, and just out right horrible staff team. There is so much bias, the events are done questionably, hell, even the staff talk ooc about rp in just casual rp. 

I don't regret getting myself banned because for all these shit people in the community, a lot being staff too, or "liked" for being "comedic gold" cancer, it doesn't make the server any fun. I haven't been rping, only talking in ts and that's not why you stay on a server. Nini, I suggest a real hard look at your staff and a remaking because while it may look pretty from a distance, it's total shit.

Don't worry dogbew, you will learn how to be staff someday......just a prank brpo ;)

Roguish and Pedi tho, you two are cool. Oh and Avander, you're pretty cool too.

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Not sure why this was hidden, but i'm going to leave this one up. Part of the whole "Clarity" thing we have been going with lately, involves people knowing why people are banned.


Now, i'm on holiday still, and i dont know what happened.. but this thread alone really speaks for itself.


For future reference by the way, there are better ways to leave feedback. The second you turn to personal insults.. is the same second it really makes it hard to take you seriously.


Sayonara Deadoor~
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