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Reina had been speaking with Umaroth at her forge after having spoken to Vultog. Septs prior- She'd told Vultog he needed to fix what was going on. She gave him advice, and tried to make an inspiring speech of it as she tried to nudge him in the right direction toward getting his wife back. Days pass by and she goes to speak with Umaroth, seeking to comfort her and tell her that she tried to help. Reina treated her as a friend she cared quite a lot for since she understood her pain to some extent. She asked her to a drink to catch up at the smoke lounge next door, so they wandered over and caught up amongst themselves. All went well this time around, and Uma departed feeling better about the things going on around her. Septs pass by and while Reina is healing a lady who had just been choking on an icedust stone when Umaroth wandered into the coffee shop. And the ladies wandered back for another drink with a large snosabel tiger accompanying them this time around. But while they spoke, since they were sat by the door, Vultog's voice could be audibly heard from where they were sat. Reina shook her head and spoke "I'm so sorry you have to go through this with him, Uma. You don't deserve that from him." She shook her head and they spoke a bit longer before they moved to leave and Uma said "But- why don't you go show him his stupidity?" with a smirk as she and Reina had been sat there, talking about Vultog and how he hurt Umaroth over a long period of time. Reina nodded and wandered out with her to Vultog and Snowheart, where the orc was just whining and throwing a glass over how Umaroth had left him. And Reina challenged him to a duel for the sake of the friend, "Oi, Vultog. I challenge you to a duel!" and after arguing upon the duel terms, Umaroth came up with the terms for the duel. "You two will use wooden weapons and shields, no magics of any sort. First to fall and not get back up wins. Should you win, you may talk to me, Vultog."

Reina accepted the terms and moved to leave as Vultog began to demand answers about letter Umaroth had burnt. "
Fock you!" was heard from him as the ladies wandered away and back to the smithy again. Umaroth became enraged with her ex-husband and stormed in the smithy and locked the door behind her. Reina moved to follow and stopped herself, thinking it might be best to let her simmer down instead. But she moved to get her flowers in the meantime to cheer her up. Reina was just trying to be a decent being in getting her something to brighten up her day, as she could only imagine how tough it had to be for her. But the motives behind the fight for her personally? Reina wanted to help Vultog to step up to the plate already to fix what was wrong with his relationship, which would lead to him no longer being so loud about it, or to humiliate him if he chose to keep at his stubbornness. Plus- the fight gave her an opportunity to get back at him for how he treated Umaroth so poorly, as depicted by the stories she got from the source and saw with her own eyes. But with the end results, the syrien was rather disappointed, as she had been looking forward to the duel as it was going to be difficult for her. She loved a good fight, which gave her a chance to really think on a strategy for it to give her better odds in the arena. Meanwhile, she had new concerns to handle involving the events to follow. How she would handle was beyond her as of yet, but she figured the best she could do is to go with the flow for now. The answers would come to her when she needed them the most, she figured and hoped.

[OOC: Basically- clarification about the duel since I finally got it all out into words for the 'why's behind it and how she saw the events that lead up to it. The TL;DR for it is that she had mixed intentions, some being good and some bad, but she saw them as being good herself. All she cared about was the benefits she'd see, whether it was bad for her opponent or some peace and quiet, it didn't matter to her.]

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