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Patron 2
To the bounty officer of Everhollow.

Hello, my name is Vigdis. I am a warrior seeking to take down the Stormlord and bring him back to you at your command. At my side is the strong orc Chieftain, Vultog. We are both armed and armored warriors, and we do not lack competence.

I have little else to say other than we will dutifully fulfill this task, and return the man to you.


Event Team
Event Team
Patron 4
*The council would receive yet another letter of adventurers trying a seemingly impossible task. They would convene on a calm evening when the day birds would head back to their hollows. They would read the letter over again but they would not send a letter in return to the sender.*

"A fool's errand going after the Stormlord.. but we will commend the bravery should they bring us his head."

Essentially just acknowledging your efforts to go after the famed bounty. @Snowposts @TheCreatorT

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