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Ban Appeal

Forum name: Burketma.

Banned MC account: Burketma, now burkdharma.

Reason for ban: My ban reason states that I both combat logged and advertised. I'd also like to admit to the fact that I was trolling and generally being a nuisance. My character ended up getting into some conflict with another player, and I began to challenge him to PvP rather than RP it out. I knew it was customary to RP rather than PvP, though I stuck to my guns regardless for little reason other than to cause trouble, and when things inevitably didn't go my way I logged out. In regards to advertising, I do believe I mentioned Lord of the Craft, a server I played on at the time.

With that all in mind, I do genuinely hope I'm permitted to play again with a fresh mind and wholey different attitude. I assure you an incident of the like won't happen again. Thanks for your time. 

Date of Ban: Truthfully I can't recall exactly. Based upon when I applied, somewhere around November, 2015. 


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After some thought, we have decided to unban your account, welcome back!

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