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An official notice was broadcasted throughout the realm in places which would allow it.
People of the Realm,

The military of Florentia is seeking more men to uphold the banner and fight for what is just and right in the realm. The Kingdom's pride, the military of Florentia is of ancient and high renown and is seeking more soldiery to aid in not only our current endeavors, but those of the future. If interested, please send a letter to the Exalt Lucrezia Duval, Chancelier Olivia DuPont, or the Commandant Thaddeus Artorius.

If interested in making a character, feel free to contact DayLighter#7672, RoguishLaughter#0712, or Kaoiyr#7143 on Discord. We would be more than willing to work with you and help create a character for Florentia that you'd be interested in!
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