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--- Caravans Of Mandaraz ---

Trains of horses and camels are seen dispersing through the realm, carrying with them a catalog of Mandarazi origin. They deliver this catalog to free cities, towns, roadside taverns, and ports. The straightforward booklet contains lists of products and exports offered from the eastern desert. To procure them, one need only fill a delivery form and submit it to the caravans themselves.

(Price Per Unit - Stock)

--- Minerals And Metals ---
"Exported from the proud mines of Tikhameru."

COAL (750 Arunes - x32 kg)
Standard coal, mined in the eastern mountains of the Azaharr desert.
NICKEL (1250 Arunes - x8 kg)
A heavy metal, often used in alloys.
IRON (1750 Arunes - x16 kg)
The alpha and omega. It can be refined into steel.
SILVER (2250 Arunes - x8 kg)
A shiny metal used in jewelry and special weapons.
GOLD (2750 Arunes - OUT OF STOCK)
The alpha and omega. It can be refined into steel.
CONDENSED SCORPIITE (3250 Arunes - x16 kg)
An alchemical ingredient that is effective against poison.
SUNSTONE (3750 Arunes - x4)
A precious gem that can store and emanate light.

--- Weapons ---
"Hack and slash, baby. Hack and slash."

BLUNT) (Flanged Mace) (5000 Arunes - x1)
Appears to be of dwarven origin. Forged from steel.
BLUNT) (Mandarazi Warden's Mace) (5000 - OUT OF STOCK)
This flanged was made for dealing with armored opponents.
BLADE) (Desert-Elven Scimitar) (6000 - x1)
Shorter than the curved swords used by cavalry. A close-range weapon.
BLADE) (Kusarigama) (5000 - x1)
A "cultural" weapon. Includes a sickle-blade and chain. Hanese origin.
POLEARM) (Yari) (5500 - OUT OF STOCK)
A steel spear forged by the Hanese.
POLEARM) (War Lance) (6000 - OUT OF STOCK)
Einarian Steel. Made for use in cavalry charges.
MUNITION) (Hard Fire Arrows) (3000 - OUT OF STOCK)
Alchemically-enhanced arrows that burn exceptionally. Ten arrows per bundle.

Stock will be updated on a regular basis!

--- Delivery Form ---
"To be filled and submitted to the caravans."

NAME: name
LOCATION: location
ORDER: name / number
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Newcomer Training Team
LOCATION: Mutajara
ORDER: Hard Fire Arrows x 2


Desert Cataphract Man
Event Team
Name: Kyros Mustafi
Location: Mutajara
Order: Hard Fire Arrows x2, Mandarazi Warden's Mace, War Lance,


NAME: Quince Jain
LOCATION: Anywhere?
ORDER: Sunstone, 1x, Hard Fire Arrows, x2 quivers.

A note is scrawled at the bottom- "Don't worry about the time on the order, just let me know whenever they come in. I tend to be around."


CONFIRMED ORDER: Sunstones x4, Hard Fire Arrows x1 [DELIVERED]

CONFIRMED ORDER: Hard Fire Arrows x1


CONFIRMED ORDER: Hard Fire Arrows x1, Mandarazi Warden's Mace, War Lance [DELIVERED]

A merchant says, "Speak with Emir Dahan about the arrows. He ran out of stock faster than expected, but there may be other options." [DELIVERED]
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"I'll look into it. Thank you.- and, here, for the sunstone." She places out a meager amount on the counter and offers a nod. "Pleasure doing business with y'."



Not!Syrien Shaman
NAME: Reina Piscaes
LOCATION: Highmeadow
ORDER: Flanged Mace x1, Yari x2

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