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Delivered by a Leonin courier a less formal letter was delivered to Thaddeus. While it still bore the mark of the Ondera to signify who it lack the usual titles Ingonyama wrote down:

Not really sure how to say this in a letter so I believe this topic is best told to you in person. If my understanding of Florentian culture is correct this might not be something you wish just dropped on you via letter anyway. While not an urgent matter considering what else is going on in world it is still important. I’ll be on Noioinamali whenever you’re free.



(I did this on my phone sorry for bad formatting.)
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send help lmao
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Thaddeus knew what this meant from Kaish already, and a quick letter was written back.
I am aware of exactly what you mean after talking with Kaish. I am a bit busy in war at the current moment, but will come as soon as I can.

- Thaddeus.

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