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Celestine's Ban Appeal. (1 Viewer)


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On September 28th I was banned for the CoC violation of harassing another player. It has been about roughly half a year since that time and I had thought long and hard about the cause and affect of my actions.

I want to start off with my view of the situation; but I wish to let it known I am not saying what I did wasn't wrong. I posted a screenshot of a post from 2013 of the former banned player on his "statement" saying, "Honestly I preferred this one better, however good luck xx." In my ban report it was stated that I had posted this with the intention of harassing and no other reason- which is false. I did it as a joke as me and the player often spoke of it and made jokes about it. I even spoke with his friends right after posting it saying I didn't mean any harm and malice by then, just a fun way to say goodbye. It was because of my last warning status I was banned so quickly, however it was to note that in my time as "Last warning" I also had become a player mod and even team.. so really that speculation of my status was inaccurate.

I would be lying if I didn't say I felt wronged by this community. I was labeled as the base for most of the toxicity when in reality I hadn't even been on the server the past month of my ban because my interests have laid elsewhere. However, this does not excuse what happened. I have no control over another person's feelings. I have no right nor say what people should and shouldn't be upset over. I cannot act like I did nothing wrong when my words hurt someone- because in the end it was wrong. While I had no intent to cause harm- it did, and that is why it is wrong.

I want to apologize to those I hurt. I have grown up a lot this past year from moving out to on my own to reconciling with other people. I have made a number of new friends in my journey away, however I still hold a longing to be with those I grew up with for three years. I wish to come back to return to you, I understand my special characters will most likely be suspended and taken from me and I accept that. I also expect I'll be put on some kind of probation and staff/other position bans which is fine as well. I just hope that everyone can keep an open mindset about me now and at least attempt to welcome me back, as I really am putting my best foot out there.



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Hello, Celestine. Moderation team has looked over your ban appeal, and we find it suitable to unban you. We won't put any conditions on you, as we're currently looking forward and won't be holding anything in the past prior to this particular ban against you. We appreciate the apology, and welcome back with a clean slate.

Let me know if you have trouble getting on the server and I'll help you with it.

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