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The Carcinogenic Salt
So I'm somewhat confused on why I was banned so I'll just put the whole story.

February 4th, I shot Obedear with my character Rhoin, @Celestine and I had talked about it OOCly, so it was a pretty smooth attack. Anyway, @Hamwagon wasn't happy that the ascended were leaving, although they were leaving prior to getting shot anyway. So, while he was angry (I assume), he went on saying how he wasn't joking about how I should delete my character and how I was a nigger, as well as some other choice words.

We got into an argument, and after lamenting on it, I reported it on Feburary 15. Now, I was told that it was handled that day via ts, but I couldn't remember and there was no indication of a reply on the forum. Furthermore, I had confronted Lane via skype again to ask him if I could still play my imperium character, asking him if he was "done fuming fgt", when he responded with "shut up NIGGER" and then "yes". From my point of view, I still don't remember it being handled through TS that day, and this just had given me the interpretation it was swept under the rug.

Fast forward to  Feburary 22nd, where I was asked why I had fast-tracked everything with my character, Rhoin, or maybe it was why he was a refugee? Anyway, it came up and @ItsRhad had informed me that I should report it again. So I did, I reported it to Zick and Rhad because that's who he said to add into the forum pm, which was near identical to the first report which just said that "It was swept under the rug", because it's not like I saw a difference, or anything done. 

Anyway, today I went into TS because I was told to talk about it again, personally, I said screw it, I'm rarely on, my character's dead, I don't need to interact with the imperium anymore anyway. But I came in to TS to finish the issue, but I was told basically, "Yeah, we can't really do anything because it's skype." Alright, well I should've guessed that but I was still angry so I got in an argument with Nini and figured before we'd start cussing each other out, I said "Bye Nini" and left the TS, which I was bombareded by other people saying I was banned, as well as banning my friend, Finis. I mean, I use his account sometimes, but I don't think he should be banned for something I did.

Here's the appeal part. While I'm kind of confused on the mod-shopping part, because I thought I was going through the steps, because it's common knowledge that I don't go to staff for my problems and handle them my own way (Normally coming off as an asshole, yes). Okay, so from that, I understand the whole "being banned for being an asshole" thing, that one is actually on me. We all know I'm not having the best time IRL, but I know that's no excuse to just be angry at everyone. I apologize for being hard to handle and being so aggressive, I can see I wasn't the best person, and I won't be, but I at least promise to try to be better and not lash out at people. 

I think that's everything? If I'm missing something, let me know. The ban message just said "Bye Char" so I think I covered everything.


High Energy
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You left TeamSpeak before I was able to properly describe to you exactly why we are banning you here.

The reason for your banning is a combination of things that, typically would have you banned for each of these things individually. Firstly, we had the issue of your clear mod-shopping with the report against Lane. You send to myself, Rhadamantius and Naturelover on a topic of inappropriate messages you received from one of our playermods. This is the same report that you sent to our Management Team; not only that but you lied to those Staff Members whom the second report  was sent to with your claim that it was not responded it.

Mod Shopping is when you don't like the response you got from one member of the Staff Team, and going to another hoping for a different outcome. Doing this undermines the point of our Staff Team, and is very against the rules. Not only that, but you have a long history of both mod-shopping and falsifying reports. Both Mod Shopping and Falsifying Reports are ban-worthy offences.

Secondly, you have for a long period of time now exhibited downright vile behavior to several members of our Community, Staff Team, and Management Team. This is something that you have been spoken to several times in the past, and while we did not arrange that TS meeting to deal with that issue of yours, it came up once again as you repeatedly demeaned Kyle, Nini and myself in the channel as well as showing a fervent disregard for the actual rules of our community.

This appeal is declined for now, and any further appeals you make will be rejected until March 26th, 2017. Furthermore, after one month's time I expect to see an honest apology for your Mod-Shopping and your Toxic Behavior. Anything less than that and your next appeal will not be accepted.
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