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| Key ~ Information |

  • Name ~
    • Chester Joel Felrend
  • Meaning of Names ~
    • Chester | Fortress, Walled Town
    • Joel | Jehovah Increases
    • Felrend | Familial Name
  • Nicknames | Meanings ~
    • Ches | A shortened version of his name.
  • Titles ~
    • Lord Chester Felrend
    • Nobility of Folset
  • Horoscope ~
    - Lustelio -

    "The Trusted"
  • Residence ~
    • Tyr'Drucaron
  • Birthday ~
    • Obitus Morto, Monsept.
  • Marital Status ~
    • No.

| Appearance |

  • Gender ~
    • Male.
  • Race ~
    • Dark Elf.
  • Age ~
    • Six, starting out. We'll add on a year every OOC week until about 12-16, depending on player preference.
  • Nationality ~
    • Kingdom of Folset, Thalore.
  • Hair, Skin & Eyes~
    • Chester's hair is a pale white hair, it's cut short for cleanliness.
    • His eyes are a vivid violet the colour of an amethyst,
    • As a drow, Chester naturally possesses a pale purple skin.

| P e r s o n a l i t y |

  • Qualities (Good/Neutral) ~
    • Smiles for Miles:
      • Chester seems to always be smiling, he dislikes frowning even if it reflects his mood.
    • Cleanfreak:
      • Chester is an almost religious advocate for cleanliness. He isn't afraid to get dirty, however, he will never leave a mess.
    • OCD:
      • Chester is a perfectionist, things that aren't symmetrical bother him, and he prefers keeping things nicely ordered.
    • Patient:
      • The smiling drow is usually patient, despite his optimistic and energetic nature.
    • Compassionate:
      • Chester is outgoing and friendly with people, generally being kind.
  • Flaws (Bad/Neutral) ~
    • Touch-Me-Not:
      • Other than select few people, Chester generally does not like being touched unless he initiates the contact. This is not out of vanity, contact with most people makes him feel vulnerable.
    • Picky with Words:
      • Chester generally does not lie, however, he does have a habit of leaving out bits of information or telling half-truths.
    • Extreme Caution:
      • While not cowardly, Chester analyzes every situation carefully, and always strives for the best possible outcome. This can lead to inaction as he tries to find a solution to something.
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(The rest I leave to the player who gets him to decide. Here is the application format if you are interested in playing my son.)

Discord Name:
Plans for the Character:


Danakovian Lord
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Sidenote: Due to popular demand, Chester does not have to be the name. Folks whi are interested can pick a name of their liking if chosen.

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