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CiT Update - 11/8/19 (1 Viewer)

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Hello! Time for another CiT Update! This one is bigger than the previous few, and comes with a lot of good news for Armorsmiths, some updating of information that was mistakenly not written down anywhere or partly out of date, and some very interesting developments for those with Divinity.

The first major update to the good ol'
Weight Req Sheet, is the addition of specific weight requirements for Neck, Wrist, and Finger-based jewelry. As well as the addition of an amount for the metal additions of most shields. (All-Wood Shields need not apply.)

Neck Jewelry = 100 grams of metal

Wrist Jewelry = 50 grams of metal
Finger Jewelry = 25 grams of metal

Shield Boss/+Rim = 1 kilogram of metal

A rule is now in place that denies attempts to melt down/scavenge any resources from existing Crate-Items. Should you have any old crate items, you should not make an attempt to melt it down or break it apart to take its resources, and this will be enforced in most cases, resulting in the application being declined. The rules pertaining to Materials, Material Acquisition, and Systems relating to it are listed here.

Lastly, due to our unanimous love of the Divine Ability Card idea (@LordOfTheDank for concept credit), we want to specify the rules for them, and how the item format should look. @LordOfTheDank's format on its own was practically perfect.

/iname: Ability Name
/ilore 1: Deity:
/ilore 2: Cast Time:
/ilore 3: Cool Down:
/ilore 4: Duration:
/ilore 5: Range:
/ilore 6: Effects:

We would not recommend excessive flair though, and simply recommend making use of the line space allowed. Divine Ability Card items exist solely as a way of linking a Divine Character's Ability in chat for ease-of-viewing by DMs or other players. They are also by no means mandatory, and are base priced to 20,000 Arunes, with a tag of [Divine - Rare]. The information regarding these is listed here.

We also want to make this rule apparent pertaining to Custom Item Applications more clear, and known:

  • You can reuse the same crafting roleplay with items made using common ingredients ONLY. No discounts of any kind can be applied to items with reused roleplay. This only applies for custom items. You MUST state that the roleplay is reused and you may NOT request discounts of any kind. Failing to do so will be considered a violation and attempt to circumvent the system, resulting in a warning for the first offense and a one month CIT ban for second+ offenses.
This rule is listed here. Please be sure you are appropriately following rules regarding Custom Item Applications. If there seems to be anything out of date in the Custom Item Information thread, please make sure to let me know so that things can be brought up to date, or better balanced for the convenience of the community.

Finally, we plan to standardize the Weight Requirements for Golems sometime soon on the Req Sheet. Otherwise, I hope you all have a productive evening, and if you have any questions, feel free to PM me through either Forums, or Discord!
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