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CiT Update - 14/7/19 (1 Viewer)

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Hello! Time for a small CiT update. This one primarily related to the removal of a system we've deemed unnecessary and in poor form for the server. As of now, you may no longer import rare materials for arunes in Custom Item Applications.

For reference to the old system, here is how it was written:

- "2. Component rarity. Items with rarities of Rare can be ‘imported’ or ‘purchased’ as part of the creation RP if one does not have an item or prior approved gathering RP for that material. For each material acquired this way add 40,000 * x to the price where x is that material’s rarity. Materials that are imported will not receive discounts of any kind. The price is firm."

Not only would it result in ludicrous item prices, it would also bring material items into the IC sphere from an OOC method, that we deemed would make little sense in game. Especially with the abundance of nodes, the separate cultivation system as it is currently written, and node-sites. The removal of this will likely affect very little, to none of you.

For other miscellaneous changes, some information contained in the Misc. Non-Essential Item Information to
Material Gathering & Cultivation & Misc. Info.

If you have any questions regarding these chance, you are obligated to send any questions or feedback to me through either
Discord or through Forum PM. All of you have a wonderful day!
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