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Here are some results! There were a total of 33 responses.

Whilst it's not displayed the best, here's a distribution of the various heights. I'll make an average calculation later.

Ideally, I would like to refine this and repeat it in the future with a larger sample size. Thank you all!


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I’m gonna use this thread to ask questions for my own dumb questions. What is everyone’s favorite genre of RP and why?
Simple, Romance because I'm a DORK.

Outside of that however on a more serious note, if this can be counted as a genre, Adventure rp?? I just love all the action and character development that can sprout from such situations.


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Dumb silly shit that’s completely irrelevant to anything but character development. Go make candy and hang out with your friends.


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Good mix of Games of Thrones Tier Political Intrigue, Religious, and Romance/Family RP. All very important aspects of general nobility RP which I believe generates and influences everything else.


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something that keeps my interest for more than 5 minutes

usually something that drives character narrative though

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rp with actual character cooperation and payoff is rad, as well as interactions that lead to development (can have combat or just squabbling)

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