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Crowning of a Queen [Public; Florentia] (1 Viewer)


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Silence overtook Florentia for but a single sept. Then, an announcement. No word had been given on those who had come before. Nothing was said in their name, only what was to come. The sun still shown and as summer approached the crops grew closer in on the banks of the river as it flooded from the snowmelt which continued to flow through from the lake of Lisela. Florentia was having a rebirth after the short yet frigid winter which had overtaken all but the southern most end of the continent.

Florentia in the coming days will proclaim the new Queen, Lucr
èce Duval will take the throne. More updates will be posted as the time comes forth. For now she will be acting Queen. Should any issues which need to be addressed arrive, she may be contacted in the Castle Florentia with notice in advance.
In nomine Patris et Matris et Erro.


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