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Crach an Craite

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Hello! It is I, Crach, with a relatively small update pertaining to Bulk-Purchasing amounts that a lot of you should find convenient.

When it comes to item creation, we have decided to lift the cap of 5 or more items needing bulk approval. Now craftsmen may apply for what would normally be considered bulk amounts, only if they are above Novice crafting rank, and have the necessary materials in their inventory. (This applies for common-tier crafts as well.)

Note that creating this amount of items although no longer requiring bulk, does not consider it a bulk purchase, and is not subject to receiving the bulk discount. The Bulk discount is only to be applied to crafts of Common make, for a faction, and carrying that faction's name within the item's name, and being made by a Bulk Approved character. Rules relating to Bulk Purchasing are visible here.

You may also learn how to apply to be a bulk purchaser here.
If you have any questions, feel free to message @Crach an Craite through either Forum or Discord. Have an awesome and productive day!
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