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Custom Items Team Update - 29/6/19 (1 Viewer)

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Hello! Time for another CiT update!

This one isn't too large, but may come as a disappointment to some...

So to get the bad news out of the way first, the amounts gathered from the Cultivation System in regards to trees has been reduced from "two Large and three small logs," to only one, and the amount of fruits gathered to one. This is per tree. This was purely due to the amount of tree-groves made, and the massive number of trees within each grove.

To add on, in regards to Material Applications, it is important to keep in mind that applications are only for common materials, and are now at a soft-cap of 8-12 material items based on the writing, as these applications should only depicts amounts gather-able by a single character over a small portion of time. Also keep in mind, material gathering for common items is place-able within the custom item application the materials are being gathered for.

-Common Material Apps have a soft-cap of 8-12 materials per app or less, and should only be an amount gather-able by a single character within a lesser span of time.
-Tree Cultivation amounts have been nerfed from 2 Large & 3 Small logs per 30 day period, to 1 Large log. Also nerfed from 3 fruit every six day period, to 1 fruit. (~5 per month)
-Keep in mind, Cultivation Systems require a tracker of some kind. For assistance with designing a tracker you may contact @Lilbren2u.

Also here are some clarifications on tag properties.

[Category - Rarity] - If the brackets and dash are yellow, this indicates the item was crafted by a master, or a master in a specific crafting profession.

[Category - Rarity] - If the brackets are orange, this indicates the application in which the item was made was either very accurate, well enjoyed, or the item is notable and special.

In better news, progress on recreating the many material items that exist is near completion, with all that remains being Trees, and Event Fauna. Which should hopefully be finished during the next few days for trees, and week or so for Event Fauna. This specifically refers to parts with listed properties, and any parts not made will be created afterwards, as we've also set up a new system of material item organization within our respective storage. For assistance in converting your items, you may contact @Crach an Craite or @Lilbren2u.

The appropriate forums have also been updated:
Material Gathering/Cultivation

If you have any question regarding this update, please feel free to PM @Crach an Craite through either forums or Discord and he will try and clarify whatever needs clarification. Have a wonderful day, and apologies for this update having a very dull color palette!
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