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Defying The Indar Curse (1 Viewer)


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Snowheart finds himself stood atop the cliff that overlooks Rómen Ringwë, the Eastern Lake. He would sit down on his knees, placing his quarterstaff in front of them on the grass. Folding his hands in his lap, he would close his eyes and focuses on the roots grown from his stumped feet. He begins to attempt to channel the innate ability given to Sinnehliv to alter their forms, but due to his age this grows harder. Imposing his will on his form, he works on ever so slowly reducing their size by pulling them up and into the shins. It hurts a little, at first, but he's accustomed to pain enough to focus around it for now. Slowly, they shrink to a more manageable size, though still present.

He'd then focus next on the large branches grown from his skull, doing the same. With great effort he strains to reduce them down to small twigs, becoming heavily drained from the stress. Humans would sweat, but he expels his life force and begins to wilt- Or, he would, if the Circle of Life that has fused with his Spark would allow it. He feels the full effects of wilting, though his body does not change to the eye. Any creatures or Wardens nearby would hear him growling and shouting as he forces this process to happen.

Once the branches had nearly been removed he would take up his staff, pushing himself to stand and makes way down the slope to go and rest in the lake. He'd remain there for a number of hours, even using his bottle of endless water to add to it, and waits for it to recharge before going to the shallows to sit down lap-deep on the banks. At this point he would focus on the hardest part. The bark that grows across his entire body..

Pressing his thought into the plates of bark, he would work diligently on forcing it to thin to it's natural state. While the added protection was nice, it never came in handy and it only served to annoy him. The incessant creaking and loss of motion.. Again, mammals would sweat through this, but instead the force exerted here would manifest as the water being absorbed evaporating out of himself and steaming upward in tiny plumes of vapor.

Eventually, and with little to no energy left, he would rise out of the pool of water and lumbers slowly home, taking one of the Calm Paths for once. The first patrol that finds him is surprised at their Grand Warden using the path, but would help him travel to Lóna, to rest in the Isen Ringwë there at it's center. Letting the more familiar water energize him, he rests in it all night, and goes to rest on his throne for the next day.

On that next day he would cast Plantbending, this time on himself.. The small roots and the twigs on his head would be forced away, absorbed into his form. This would be the most painful part, the spell not fully intended for use on Sinnehliv but rather mundane plants. It would be slower than normal on his plant-like body, and the process hurts considerably. He takes breaks often to recover and let the pain pass before going again for a while. Slowly, all evidence of the failed polymorph forced on him by the Indar on his world was removed.

Snowheart Tui'leere emerges from his cave the next day whole. For the first time, his people view a cured Elder with the body he grew into from his youth - Though remade for revival. Perhaps brighter days await the Grove, or simply change approaches. Whatever the future, Snowheart stands planted firmly to endure it in sound mind and body. Cured of madness, and now of being 'treeish.'

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And with it, one of the last vestiges of his world withers away...

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