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Getting straight to it, this is an appeal to the current staff team to have my access to the Wiki returned. In this appeal I will address what I did that resulted in my ban, the current standing on the server, and why I believe I should be reinstated.

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First I€™ll start this appeal by discussing what actually happened, as for a while after my ban I felt like I was dealt a bad hand in how I was portrayed by my ban report. In short, growing stress with school and dissatisfaction with Aethier€™s direction lead to me wanting to retire from my responsibilities. This was in large part to the imbalance between the effort I put into the Wiki, versus everyone else€™s interest in it, I felt that I was putting in work that wasn€™t appreciated. It€™s for this reason that I quit.

However, I wasn€™t banned for quitting. As a joke, I figured it would be funny to change the homepage to something tongue-in-cheek. At first I was wary as to how difficult it would be to undo, so I practised changing and undoing changes on a practise page. Sure enough, to undo a change like the one I made, you simply need to press a single link that resets the page. Even then, I made a backup in the form of a pastebin. After all, the home page was my own hard work, why would I destroy it? Either way, satisfied that my little prank could be undone easily after it was seen by whomever, I went about finding a non-offensive image.


Weird sure, but I didn€™t think it was the worst​

possible thing I could have put up.​


The idea was that either Zick, Kyle, Nini or some other staff member would see the image a while after the change (that was made in the early morning), laugh, message me about it, and then change it back. Of course, if they didn€™t know how to change it back, I€™d point out how easy it is.

It happened that Nini was the first to find it, and didn€™t see it as the joke it was meant to be. I didn€™t take well to being accused of griefing, nor his overreaction to what I felt was light hearted. Our argument likely didn€™t help my standing with him as Management at the time, but that€™s not the core of the issue.

In the days that followed I was put on a DNR style ban where I couldn€™t access the forums, and thus couldn€™t air an appeal and explain my side of what happened. Attempts to talk to staff weren€™t very successful, and it was eventually that through Doug I was able to have my ban appealed.

It was perhaps immature of me to go through all of this, and yes of course I regret it - but in the end what was meant wasn€™t griefing but a simple joke that I never imagined would end up in me being put on LAST WARNING after being DNR€™d.

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Which brings me to my second point. Since joining Aethier in the Summer of 2015, I have been in good standing as far as I am aware. There was a period around the time Imeros cropped up where I was shadow-banned from the forums for simply being involved with that server, but that didn€™t affect my standing on the whole. At least so far as I am aware.

I may be snarky, and every now and again I tend to rant, but for the most part I€™ve never done anything that really warranted a ban.

It€™s because of this that I feel like my appeal conditions are extreme and would like to see them altered.

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Prior to the big day where the server changed hands effectively, many of those who are currently staff voiced the same disatisfaction I felt prior to changing the Wiki. It was this dissatisfaction with both my position on Aethier, and the server€™s direction that caused me to act, and naturally others in their own way.

Right now, I am sure my on-time and forum activity are evidence enough that I€™ve found some new interest in the server. I am confident in the direction our systems are headed, as well as lore and in character developments. No longer do I feel like the server is on track to a place I don€™t want to be a part of.

For the first time in a long time, I and many others are really enjoying what Aethier is, but I shouldn€™t speak on behalf of others and I won€™t anymore. I will fully admit that in the past my activity has been sporadic, with bouts and lulls carrying throughout the year. Though this I would blame on the very same reasons that lead to me changing the Wiki, it was a simple disatisfaction that whatever changes a player would try and make, there was always something that would stop Aethier from changing for the better.

Now that I feel the server is in better hands, and headed to a better place, I want to actively serve it.

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Which brings me onto my final point. In September I will be starting the second year of my Computer Science Major, which has taught me thus far how to wield Java effectively as a programming language. This summer I€™ve been practising HTML and throughout my course I€™ll be tackling a variety of other technical formats and programming languages.

Looking back, the Wiki page I made is okay looking but not nearly as nice as it could be. With an improved understanding of HTML and CSS, I feel like I could effectively make our Wiki as nice as those of our competitors.

I want to see a lot of the server€™s lore housed on the Wiki, in addition to pages on NPCs, important characters, locations, event monsters, gods and religions, animals, materials and so on. I often hear clamouring and agreement about how a Wiki is helpful, and I would like to return to my position to have that happen.

Anyway, that concludes my appeal.

I hope you all give me another chance.  
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Putting the previous Incident aside, i believe we have had recent discussions about the wiki but nothing has been set in stone yet.

For reference sake and for clarity here: Wiki permissions are given on a trust basis, like most others. Misuse of permissions can be defined as Unintended or "Potentially Malicious" usage where such permissions are used in a counter productive manner. If you wish to play a practical joke in future, there is a time and a place for everything, and such may not be treated well especially under the circumstance of the system going fully live to the public.

With that said- unless any of the other staff have anything else to say on the matter i'll instead be re-purposing this Appeal as an application for a Forthcoming Wiki team and notifying those who may be responsible for such.

Please do not expect an immediate response as a short meeting will be required to move forward as we currently do not have the Wiki in operation, but you may hear from us soon.

To add to the end here, i shall for your convenience let you know of what is remaining in the requirement queue to re-start this role on our behalf: (Not in any particular order though)

  • Configuration of permissions to eliminate cases of confusion
  • Customization of permissions to allow for high access users who can be controlled by the Direction/Management Team.
  • Some Restructure
  • A plan of action from the Lore & Staff teams.
  • Authorization Discussion

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