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Desolator's Ban Appeal (1 Viewer)


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Alright. So a few weeks ago, I took some items from a region that i thought had been deleted. The players in the region hadn't been on the server in roughly a year, and i assumed (big mistake) that it had been deleted as per the region rules. Apparently it was not. The reason i thought it was OK to take items from unlocked chests in a deleted region was because a few months ago, I asked Dogbew and Thunderskins whether or not it was against the rules to take items from an unlocked chest in a region that had its WorldGuard deleted. I asked them this because after my region Seregon was deleted, a member of the region took several items and I wanted to know if it was against the rules or not so I could report them. They said it was OK to take items from unlocked chests in deleted regions. I understand and acknowledge that they and/or myself misinterpreted what the other was saying/asking. I have been with this community for about a year and a half. This is the first major incident I've had on here, and I intend for it to be the last. I really enjoy interacting with the Aethier community. I've been battling depression off and on for several months now, and being able to hop on TS and talk to people about whatever has really helped me. I'm not saying that to gain sympathy, just to share how important the Aethier community is to me. Moving forward, I will not touch the chests in any region that is not mine, and if I'm ever even remotely unsure of something, I will ask staff and wait for a response before doing anything. I will also accept that I will be on a last warning status until further notice. I hope that this incident does not drive a permanent rift between myself and other community members. 

TL;DR - I did something bad based on a misunderstood conversation. interacting with the Aethier community means a lot to me, and I will gladly accept whatever terms I have to in order to return.


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Hello Desolator,

Theft from the RP world is an offence that we take very seriously as it is both a breech of trust between your self and the Staff Team, but also something that directly impacts the experience of other players in our community in a negative manner. It is not something we tolerate here, and the consequences for such are great. We're going to move forward with this appeal, and allow it to be approved under the following conditions:

  1. You will be on Last Warning status for 30 days (1 month) until 5/19/2017
  2. Any further instances of Theft, Grief, or otherwise item/money related misconduct will result in an immediate removal from our community with no chances to appeal in the first 6 months.
  3. Due to the nature of this offence, and the scale of items that were stolen; all economic assets of you or any of your accounts will be forfited, including but not limited to:

    Money (Arunes) gained via mining or otherwise
  4. Items in your inventories, player vaults, enderchests and storage vaults

Note, Donation Ranks, perks and rewards ie. Storage Vault access will remain


Reply here saying that you agree with these conditions and we will proceed with your unbanning.


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