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Dinochan's Ban Appeal (1 Viewer)


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I've never had to do this before so bear with my attempts! I also don't know how long you have to wait to do these so- I'll do it now and if it's too soon I'll wait! Anyway, I'm going to try and word this the most professional best way I can here we go!

I'm making this ban appeal even though many have said not to- but I want to get my thoughts and apologies out. I have a few things to apologize for...
  1. My first offense was jumping the second I heard something had happened and confronting Seano. It wasn't my intention to yell at him or sound like I was. I was just panicked and concerned about reasonings. And even though I disagreed with them it wasn't respectful or fair to him and I shouldn't have done that. I'm not in the position to question the Moderation team, nor will I ever be.
  2. My second offense was hopping on the server and memeing about everything that happened. I felt supported and the adrenaline was bringing me forward. I Hopped on and said some things that shouldn't have been said especially because they were said to spite and that's never okay in any situation. I didn't handle that like an adult or like a soon-to-be adult should have and I'm sorry.
  3. My Third offense was overreacting after Monomyth was banned. I jumped bus and rudely demanded to be banned and I respect that my wishes were answered. I Should never have reacted like that especially in the chaos that ensued.
These are all the things I wanted to apologize for but I do want to state that I don't disagree with the petition. I am full-on for a re-evaluation of the moderation team- but not firing people.
As someone who worked in CiT and WT, I understand the feeling of giving and not getting anything for it- especially when people complain. It's hard work and I respect everyone who does it. But it's still work and people have the right to state their opinion for change. I don't want a giant change I just want a small one and it's no hate towards my friend on moderation- in fact, me being banned shows that it's not biased all the times considering I'm yalls friend <3
Another note before I conclude this is that CiT Doesn't really have a lot of members and I work hard to make items and help them all out- so if it's possible I'd like to be allowed on CiT again and help them all out because it's a lot of work and RedAttendent is the main one who does A LOT and I'd hate for him to have to do it alone.

Finally, I will conclude this. I'm normally not one to do any of this stuff I felt very irritated last night and so many people were saying stuff that I became a sheep. I followed instead of investigating. Even after investigating I disagree with the actions that took- but I completely agree with what happened to me, I have no anger or rage for the banning of me, I took on for the team but really I was just hurting myself and the pride of the server. I stand with everyone when I say I want change but I stand with Moderation when I say I'm very sorry for what I did and I'll take whatever punishment is given to me if this appeal is lifted.



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Hi, Dino. Thank you for your patience.

Welcome back to the server. You will be unbannned shortly. Should you wish to return to your team jobs you are able to as well.

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